Prayer Tablets

The Prayer tablet page is a section of this site that gives a structured prayer with action towards handling some pressing issues in our lives and my prayer is that they will work  when used and most importantly that our prayers would be answered as we pray through the Holy name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer points to overcome the smoking addiction (part 1)
The memory verse of the smoker who wants to quit should be Philippians 4:13 which says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Please pray this prayer points below with boiling anger and spiritual madness.
1. Lord Jesus forgive me all my sins and let your precious blood that was shed on the cross wash me clean. Amen. Isaiah 1:18; Matthew 26:28;mark 14:24;Hebrews 9:22
2. Lord Jesus your word says in Philippians 4:13 that” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”,therefore Jesus my master and saviour,please give me strength to stay away from cigarette or hemp. Amen
3. Jesus you spoke in your word in Matthew 19:26 says with man this is impossible,but with God all things are possible. I decree that I shall be free from smoking and I shall have my testimony.
4. Your word in John 8:32 says “and ye shall know the truth,and the truth shall set you free” therefore Jesus I have known the truth that smoking is a sin,set me free and complete in you.
5. In john 15:5 you said without you,we can do nothing,Lord Jesus help me to overcome this smoking addiction with your divine help.
6. Father,please remove the urge for nicotine that my brain uses to trigger the urge Lord and Do a miracle in my body today.
7. In 1 Corinthians 6:12,the bible says according to the words of apostle Paul that “All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.” Therefore I pray that I shall not be brought under the power of smoking,set be loosed today;In Jesus Name. Amen
8.Lord Jesus help me to put away my former self which was under the bondage of sinful desires to smoking,I put on a new man which is created in righteousness and true holiness. According to your words in Ephesians 4 :22-25
9. Lord Jesus,the friends who lured me into this habit of smoking,save their souls and let us all be saved..Amen
10. Lord all the years I have lost to this habit,please Lord redeem my time so that my latter would still be better than my beginning.
11. Lord,thank you for this truth I have heard and help me not to miss heaven because of this smoking habit. Revelations 21:27. Jesus is Lord and Saviour
Oyewole Ademola Ojo
Whatsapp New:+2348098233605,
Whatsapp group: divine restoration
Facebook: Strongbone Ademola
Facebook Group: Divine Restoration
Ibadan,Oyo State. Nigeria.

Prayer point for children

Note: the severity of the case is what determines the need to fast but the frequency of the prayer hour must be maintained and not reduced.

It is important that health condition is a factor to consider to know or determine fasting except otherwise directed by the Lord himself or through prophecy.

Fasting without prayers is ordinary hunger strike or starvation. It is advised to use the hourly period of 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 12am to address issues in prayers.

Abstaining from Sin and worldly garment is important so as not to nullify the potency of prayers offered.

It is advised that if you choose to fast, you have to do it in a conducive environment that is not noisy and stressful regards activities.

Patience is needed after prayers are made so that you can wait for the answers to manifest, notwithstanding have faith that your prayers have been heard by our father in heaven.

My prayer is that your answer to your prayers shall not be hindered or delayed by the enemy. In Jesus name. Amen

Be blessed.

  1. For the children who appear to be wayward in behavior.

Firstly you have to correct them in love and be less harsh, yet disciplined.

Teach the word of the Lord constantly and daily through raising a family altar of prayer and bible devotion (morning or evening)

Prayer points

  1. Lord Jesus, every power that exchanged the destiny of my children, return them now by the fire of the Holy Ghost.
  2. Every power that has planted the seed of rebellion in my children, catch fire and be uprooted completely. In Jesus Name. Amen
  3. Every spirit of confusion that has set my children to do the wrong things as right things be destroyed and leave my children alone, in Jesus name. Amen
  4. The virtues of my children stolen from them, angel of God fight for the return of their virtues. In Jesus Name. Amen
  5. Every consequences of my action towards the birth of my child that has made him/her wayward, blood of Jesus wash away my sins and save the life of my child.
  6. Lord Jesus every attitude I have mistakingly planted into the life of my child that has made him/her wayward, be corrected by the blood of Jesus and let the Holy Spirit take complete control of the situation.
  7. Every power of the marine kingdom that has possessed my child to be rebellious be conquered today and set my child free now. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  8. Every prince of the air, water and land that has manipulated my child to be rebellious, Jesus rebukes you to leave my child now. In Jesus Name. Amen
  9. Every spirit that discourages and refuses my child from taking to the correction of his parents is conquered in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ now. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  10. You spirit of anger that makes my child to be violent and repulsive, that is not your home, come out in the name of Jesus Christ.
  11. Every negative influence on my child, like friends or spirits that keeps suggesting negative actions to my child. You are a liar, be separated from my child, now. In Jesus Name. Amen
  12. Lord Jesus, every power, principalities or wickedness in dark places that has stolen the virtues and gifts of my child from the womb and is making him/her wander the earth aimlessly. Lord fight back and collect them for me. In Jesus mighty Name. Amen
  13. Every evil hand that have carried my children and exchanged their destiny and glory for negative. Lord God return them back and render judgment on these evil hands by cutting them off. In Jesus Name. Amen
  14. Every initiation into the occult by evil people, children, powers, tradition, culture or custom through food, snacks or drinks in their schools, church or camps. The fire of the Holy Ghost burn you out of their body today. In Jesus Name. Amen
  15. Lord God show your foreknowledge will for my children and their lives, reveal and ensure it comes to pass in their lives. In Jesus Christ Name. Amen


  1. Give a listening hear to your children
  2. Show good examples and learn to apologize when you hurt them
  3. Encourage the child to go to church
  4. Seek a counselor or pastor in church if necessary
  5. Always show love at all times to the child
  6. Don’t relent to pray until the child is delivered.

Prayer for protection

Protection is a promise from the Lord for his obedient children and you don’t need to ask for it like it is difficult to get because it is an inheritance and right from the Lord.

When God is with you, no demonic coup can prevail against you because the Lord will reveal the secret agenda to you freely.

Sin and disobedience are two major factors that remove the protection of God from the believer or child of God.

Everyday in this life has its own evil, that is why the Lord said in Matthew 6:34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day [is] the evil thereof.

  1. Lord Jesus let your blood wash me of all my sins and make me clean before you.
  2. Lord God every properties of the devil on my body that is a passageway for the devil to enter into my body to torment or attack me.
  3. Lord let the weapons of the devil be destroyed against me; In Jesus name. Amen.
  4. Lord let your angels follow me and guide me all the ways I go and stand.
  5. Let your rod and staff never depart from my life. In Jesus name. amen
  6. Lord Jesus help me to waste the wasters targeted to waste my life and destiny.
  7. Lord even when I go to the wrong place, let your protection not depart from me.
  8. Lord when I sleep guide me through my dreams and nullify the attacks and plans of the devil against me.
  9. Lord Jesus reveals every attack of the enemy against me and my family and make a way of escape for me all the days of my life.
  10. Lord Jesus I need you to reveal all the evil gatherings against me and make me filled with your power.
  11. Lord make me a terror to my enemies, devils and demons and make a pillar of fire around me.
  12. Lord Jesus don’t let me be a prey for my enemies and don’t the devil consume my flesh and spill my blood.
  13. Lord Jesus deliver me from every evil satanic altars targeted to make me their sacrifice.


Prayer points to overcome the smoking addiction (part 2)
You need to look at this addiction with your spiritual eyes because the spiritual controls the physical.
Smoking of every kind has its excuse from humans as a reason to engage in smoking;ezekiel 11:21.
No smoker,little or heavy will enter heaven..that is guaranteed and not about condemnation. Ephesians 5:5;galatians 5:19-21,Revelation 21:27.
From christian messengers who the Lord revealed eternity in heaven and hell in visions or revelation; they gave collectively that the punishment for smokers is that they smoke fire into their bodies which burns them from the inside out and is repeated for all eternity in hell.
Am sure it does not sound scary because we are still alive.
Let us pray:
1. Lord Jesus whatsoever has been used to put me in bondage of smoking that makes me always return to this sinful habit,destroy it in Jesus Name. Amen
2. I learnt of a pastor who came to see a popular man of God but was just crying and was so troubled,when the man of God asked why he was crying;he said as soon as he finishes a church program the first thing he goes to do outside is to smoke cigarette and even showed the man of God the cigarettes in his pockets. Listen to me brethren,addictions do not respect your anointing so don’t take your addictions for granted. You will shout unto God now and say:”my Father in Heaven deliver me from this yoke of smoking that want to destroy upon anointing over my life.” 1 corinthians 9:26-27
3. Lord Jesus,I don’t want to end up punished in hell fire for the smoking habit,save me before it is too late. Have mercy on me. Revelation 20:12-15
4. For you to overcome smoking addictions;you have to sacrifice your social life for spiritual life; you cannot claim to stop smoking and still go to brothels,hotels,clubs and outings with carnal call unto God with boiling anger;Father fill me with hunger and thirst for you only so that you can destroy all smoking urges and strongholds in me.
5. Remember the devil does not want you to be free and wants you to die in this addiction: then you shout unto God that Lord; restrain the devil and his angels from attacking me and give me power to subdue them. Don’t let me die in this addiction. In actual fact you are to resist the devil,then he can run from you;James 4:7.
6. Chewing mint gums does not mean you have overcome this habit but not yielding to the urge to puff a cigarette is what overcoming the smoking addiction means. You will pray that Lord God,don’t let me deceive myself I have overcome the habit when am only trying to suppress the urge to smoke.
7. Many have died at an early or premature age all because of this smoking habits,smoking destroys the teeth,lungs,brain and other vital parts of the I want you to pray this prayer:”My Lord and God,restore my health and heal my body and all vital organs from the dreaded health risk of smoking”Joel 2:25.
8. Galatians 5:24-25;let’s us know that they that are of Christ have crucified the flesh with its affections and lusts. Therefore if we live in the spirit,then let us walk in the say a prayer by saying: Lord crucify my lust and affections to the cross and enable me to walk in the spirit.
9. If you don’t STOP smoking then smoking will STOP you. Unclean spirits are mostly used to reinforce the smoking addictions which makes it almost impossible by the flesh to overcome its lust and urge. Pray that Lord Jesus, every unclean spirit responsible for holding me bond to smoking,nullify their stronghold over me now,in Jesus name..amen. matthew 12:43-45.
10. every triggers like anger,bad news that cause spikes to smoke,Lord don’t let me fall victim anymore,In Jesus Name..amen
11. One strange attitude about smoking is that despite how cheap it might be to buy it,the smoker can sacrifice food to buy a pack of cigarette or more. The smoker buys what will destroy him with his own money and starve himself for what will save his body. Pray therefore that Lord Jesus don’t let my finances little or small be used by the devil and addictions to destroy my life; put an end to my buying of this harmful product with my money..Amen.
12. You are in trouble as a smoker if you allow a false minister of God deceive you with matthew 15:11;it is just a means of using the scriptures to support wrongdoings. The false preacher is not going to heaven and will do his best to make sure you do not make it to heaven even when he sees that you want to go to heaven,many have been misled by strange misinterpreted messages today.
If you want to overcome smoking then use the money you would use to buy cigarettes to buy bible and relevant spiritually edifying books and then study and meditate them till you are nourished in your body and soul. Praying and fasting will definitely help you to gain authority over this habit if you don’t relent your effort. matthew 17:21;mark 9:29.
Remember that the flesh has nothing good to offer you,so don’t always yield to its bidding but subdue it so it won’t lead you to eternal damnation in Hell.
I want to believe you were blessed by this short prayer tablet as a continuation from a previous episode. Please feel free to ask questions and more prayer point to suit you spiritual needs.
Remember to share this post with the writer’s contacts below with people you feel need to know the truth and truly want to be saved,it is not enough to know it is bad but that it can kill you untimely and make you miss eternity in hellfire.
Jesus is Lord and Saviour
Oyewole Ademola Ojo
Whatsapp New:+2348098233605,
Whatsapp group: divine restoration
Facebook: Strongbone Ademola
Facebook Group: Divine Restoration
Ibadan,Oyo State. Nigeria.


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