About Me

A little about myself…..

My name is Oyewole Ademola Ojo, i am a Nigerian by nationality and reside in orile-Agege, lagos State. i am a graduate of Covenant University Ota, where i attained a bachelors degree in Information and Communication Technology in the year 2008.

I practiced in the professional field by working with several IT firms and shipping company till i was called into the ministry of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ in the year 2013 and i am also a graduate of the Emmaus Theological College,Ibadan,Oyo State,Nigeria.

I have been practicing online evangelism on various platforms on the social network like Facebook,twitter,and still looking on to expand to spread the gospel of Christ to the people through these platforms.

I am also a visiting pastor to many churches where i am called to preach and also admonish the youths of the church and also give ministration to the adult alike.

You can get to read some of my messages and notes on this site and also give your reactions to them and i hope you shall be blessed as you read them.

Thank you.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Oyewole Ojo

Brother. Oyewole Ademola Ojo


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