Book Review page

Brethren in Christ Jesus,

The book review page is to encourage ourselves in reading christian books along-side our bibles so we can get experiences of other Christians and also to learn lessons that will be needed in our christian journey.

Book review

Book title: I believe in VISIONS

(The fascinating personal story of a man whose life and ministry were dramatically influenced by the visions of Jesus.)

Authored by: Kenneth E. Hagin

Printed in the USA

It is a 9 content book which consist of:


  1. How God Raised me from the deathbed
  2. Come up hither
  3. If – The Badge of doubt
  4. How satan influences lives today
  5. I have come to answer your prayer
  6. The angel’s visit
  7. A hospital visitor
  8. The river of praise
  9. The angel’s message

I would spare you many details on the book so that you can be moved to get a copy to read and it will strengthen your faith in the Lord.

It is a book that also teaches a practical application of healing in the life of brother Hagin in the early part of his life where he was healed of a terminal disease and also rescued from the jaws of hell thrice by the Lord. His visits to hellfire, heaven and three death experiences.

Rev. Hagin ministered for almost 70 years after God miraculously healed him of a deformed heart and an incurable blood disease at the age of 17.  He went to be with the Lord in 2003 and the ministry he founded continues to bless multitudes around the globe.

He gave a practical application of the scriptures of mark 11:24  that gave him the privilege to see the undenying power of the word of God to meet us in our needs and desires in prayers and his application of Faith to get his desired healing.

We have to see the Word before it can work in us. The word of God does not work for blind Christians.

The book also talks about God’s predestined plans for us his children and possible encounters in our parent’s lives that has to do with his perfect will and how the devil always tries to destroy his purpose for our lives. Brother Hagin was called from the womb and his mother had a vision concerning his birth.

This book talks about the early ministry of brother Hagin and his association with the full gospel movement and how the Lord turned his funeral to minerals for his work in the ministry.

He talked about his early controversy of speaking in tongues, praying with voice lifted to heaven in unity and the baptism of the Holy Spirit and how it benefits the spiritual life of a Christian.

Brother Hagin discusses how to receive the gift of the Spirit, sustaining it and how to recover it when it is lost. He says the Holy Spirit is a gift which is received by faith.

The books also talks about the discerning of spirits and why ministers find it difficult to perfect healings and deliverances today because of doubt in the heart.

The book also tell us about how the lord is looking for people who will serve him whole heartedly without doubt or compromise and would stand for him all the days of their lives.

The books talks about how obedience plays a major and vital role in the ministry of a minister of God and how his prayer life must be on fire all the time and must not allow worries to deter him in his walk with God.

The book also affirms our beliefs about the angels of God who are God’s ministering spirits to his children on earth and how he often opens the eyes of the believer to see them if it so pleases him.

The book also tell us about how the Lord used brother hagin to see into the future of the country America and it repentance to turn to God if the country will survive the judgment of God(America’s last call).

The book also explains the spiritual realm of what happens whenever a person is in sickness and the demons operational in the lives of people that cause premature death and how they can be dealt with.

This book tells us some of the Lord Jesus several visit to brother hagin both in the flesh and in the spirit and the messages he gave him concerning his ministry.

Brother Hagin documents his experience at the throne of God and his personal encounter with Jesus Christ and how the love of God can be seen through Jesus Christ towards us.

This book also explains in meanings with practical examples; God’s “perfect will” versus “his permissive” will for our lives.

Most importantly how we can walk in the perfect will and that most Christians walk in the permissive will of God, which is why they encounter much problems and challenges along the path.

Brother Hagin got a person touch and feel of the wounds on Jesus’ hands and scriptural backing to confirm with the scriptures.

Brother Hagin tells us of the special anointing God gives to his obedient children willing to do his work and those who will not fear people inorder to carry out their assignments.

This book also talks about our guardian angels and their usefulness in our lives and ministries and they do not leave us even when we are older in age.

This book also expounds the mysteries behind the powers that war against mankind as seen in Ephesians 6:12 and their four divisions; Read the book to know more about it.

The badge of doubt called if; when walking in the miraculous of God, the word “if” shows doubt or unstableness and the Lord resents it

The book also tell us the ways the devil influences lives today and why we need the gift of discerning of spirits in our daily spiritual journey.

It is worthy to know that you are not in control of the switch of these spiritual gifts but the Lord is in control of it and uses it as he will.

The Lord is not against hospital treatments but he wants us to depend solely on him for our healings; so we know that doctor cares but the Lord heals.

The book also talks about ministers standing in their calling and not for show or pride but as the Lord has called them to service with the personal experience of brother Hagin of standing in his prophetic ministry and not to put his teaching ministry first.

The book also list and explains the types of visions we have, and they are spiritual vision, trances and lastly open vision. Brother Hagin gave vivid examples from the scriptures to explain and expand.

I recommend this book for:

  1. Those looking up to God for a form of healing and faith to receive their healing.
  2. Those who don’t know where they would spend eternity if death calls.
  3. Those who don’t believe in the gifts of the spirit such as speaking in tongues.
  4. Those who think God has given up on them
  5. Those who don’t believe in the ministry of angels.
  6. Those who are careless with their spiritual lives
  7. Who think it’s a crime to see a doctor when they fall ill. Jesus is not against it but we should depend on divine healing.
  8. Those who are disobedient to their heavenly call and their consequences or punishment if no repentance is made.
  9. Who don’t believe that Jesus Christ is real and is alive today, tomorrow and forever.

This is just a summary of the content of this book and there is a lot more 123 page book, I am sure you will be blessed when you read it.

Book review 2

Book title: BELIEVERS’ WILDERNESS Experience

Author: Adeyemo Segun

About the author

Pastor Olusegun Adebowale Adeyemo is a minister of God, who God uses in teaching and preaching the mysteries of the word to people from 1994 till date. He worships and serves God at New Covenant church, Orogun, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

He has a Master Degree in Educational Management, and a graduate of New Covenant Church Bible College.

About the book

Many believers are lost in the wilderness, not knowing what is happening to them. They are in gross despair and confusion and with no hope. The book will help you to retrace your step, and enable you to understand what we mean by wilderness experience in the life of believers, reasons for passing through it, what to expect in the wilderness, how to overcome triumphantly and come out of it as a triumphant christian.

Book Content





Chapter 1

What is wilderness experience?

Chapter 2

How God employs wilderness experience

Chapter 3

Reasons for wilderness experience

Chapter 4

Positive effects of the wilderness experience

Chapter 5

How to recognise wilderness experience

Chapter 6

Things to do when passing through the wilderness

Book Content Review

The book gives definition for the natural wilderness as an uncultivated area of land that has been allowed to grow in its natural way; This results in a wild, inhabitable and uncultured environment; and the bible definition of a wilderness in Deuteronomy 8:15(NKJV)

The wilderness is a difficult and dangerous terrain.

The author of this book defines a wilderness experience as a measure of suffering in the life of a Christian. It is also a way God uses to correct the corrupt lifestyle of a Christian.

The role foundation plays in the life of a person after becoming a Christian.

The factors that limit the spiritual growth of a christian in reference to Romans 12: 2(NLT)the second chapter of the book deals with how God employs Wilderness Experiences.

It says God does not normally remove all the bondages, curses and sinful habits at a go. Why does God not do the spiritual warfare for you, the answer is found in the book.

Every challenge or problem you face is a stepping stone to greatness, to greater height in your spiritual life; scriptural references to James 1:2-4

You will also see the secret to easily overcoming challenges.

The chapter three of this book gives us reasons for the wilderness experience.

Many do ask the question, ‘why am I having more problems now that I’m a child of God?’..The answer is not far-fetched in the book.

We also see roles that generational curses, self imposed curses, idolatry, sin, ignorance, lack of vision and ultimately laziness play in the life of a christian and how they extend the wilderness experience of a christian.

A man that has no vision will lack direction and the drive to move forward in life.

In the chapter 4 of the book we read about the positive effects wilderness experiences can play in the life of a believer even though it is not the desire of God that we go through wilderness experience.

About 11 points were given to be the benefits a Christian can derive from passing through a wilderness experience positively.

Chapter 5 of the book teaches on how to identify a wilderness experience when it starts, it categorically states that it can only be recognised by experienced believers.

About 8 signals were given to be able to identify a wilderness experience.

We read in the chapter 6 of this book the things a christian believer should do when passing through a wilderness experience amongst them is that he must praise and thank the Lord always, rejoice always; please read through  the book to get the complete steps to take.

God bless you and enlighten you as you read through this book.


Book review 3


Operating powerfully in the spirit realm

(His all-time most popular teaching finally in print)

Author: Robert Liardon


Preface: The bell is Ringing

1. Your ark of safety

2. Building a strong spirit

3. Your spirit, God’s candle

4. Controlling the soul

5. Battling the soul

6. The necessity for spiritual hunger

7. Operating in the spirit realm

8. Faith vs. religion

9. Why tongues?

10. Confronting devils

11. Seven ways God leads you

12. Understanding the prophetic

13. Ways that God does not lead

14. The price of obedience



This book starts from reminding us of our old school days where we attended school everyday and that we may not have like going to school back then but because the law required us to go the school and because of our parents, we later got to know that going to school and its experience was good for us.

This book tells us what distinguished the New Testament from the Old Testament counterparts? Both feared God and obeyed his commands, yet something special was given to the New Testament believers that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob never dreamed possible. Get the book to read what that special thing could be.

The content of this book are based in part of the curriculum taught at the bible school established by the author in Costa Mesa, California USA.

He wrote that Jesus never intended for his followers to live weak, wimpy, powerless lives. He talks about how the word of God wants us to walk and be led in the spirit on a daily basis.

He concludes that Jesus is the headmaster in the school of the spirit, will you take the challenge?

Chapter 1

Your ark of safety

The books takes the clue from page 1 of the bible (Gen 1:1), the book states four profound words in all the scriptures. Read the book to know those four profound words.

Everything you face as you learn in the school of the spirit begins with God. You cannot start your education in the school of the spirit and not meet God.

Created to commune, in Genesis 1-5 tells us a story of the creation of the world and the human race.

God blessed Adam and eve and he gave dominion over the whole earth. He created them to commune with him and to take care of the garden.

Adam and God walked and talked every day. He talked about when God and man were in complete harmony, when there was a great fellowship between Adam and God, this made God come down to talk with his creation. He loved man.

The book talks about a price to pay, read the book to know the price to pay. Life in the spirit does not come on a platter of gold. The decision to enroll in the school of the spirit really comes down to a choice.

The book tells us one reason why people don’t maintain their lives in the spirit; see the reason on page 15.

To live in the world of the spirit you have to be ready for constant change.

The sin barrier. To maintain life in the spirit, you have to understand that sin does not pay. Spiritual things do not go hand in hand with sin.

The ark of safety: Noah live is a similar society as we do, he was surrounded by evil men who willingly chose sub over righteousness, yet Noah stood out among the crowd, he chose life.

God has made a way of escape-a way of safety for us too. But, like Noah, we must follow God’s instruction if we are to build our “ark” properly.


Chapter 2

Building a strong spirit

This chapter begins with these clues: Our God is strength. He is not weak nor does he value weakness.

The author also shared the mysteries in genesis 17:1 message to Abraham from God almighty and what David wrote in psalm 24:8.

Why spiritual strength? The author gives two sources of strength for the Christian. Get this book to identify them.

A strong gift is not a gift; it’s something you have to discipline yourself to build.

Destined for greatness: the author gives a contrast between two biblical characters named Joseph and Samson.

He stated they started their lives in very much the same way; both were called of God and both were known of God.

This book stakes a look at Samson and Joseph and how their problems started and how they were able to solve it except for Samson who had a very little spiritual strength but powerful physical strength.

The author states that your physical body, when it wants sex, doesn’t recognize covenants neither does it see the wedding ring because it only knows desires.

Your conscience is made up of the spirit and soul; it understands covenants, laws, commitment and morality.

If you don’t build a strong spirit you will lose the ability to see or discern, you will lose your liberty and you will end up doing another man’s labour.

The book outline s three (3) reasons why you need to be strong, read the book to know them.

Chapter 3

Your spirit, God’s candle

This chapter takes a cue from Romans 8: 14 “for as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God”

Remember being led by the spirit is a choice.

Following the leader, we are created to be led by something. The devil tries to play this game with you and get you to quit following.

God never has a plan B – you are the one who usually has to have a plan B. when you live by faith and by the spirit of God, you don’t have to worry about plan B.

Look who is talking: one of the greatest struggles for most Christians is to understand who or what is talking to them. How can they tell it is the spirit of God?

This chapter talks about God’s desires for us to hear from him, read the book to find out what we must do.

Our being, three parts: God made us and in his word, he told us how he made us. He said we are made up of three parts: spirit, soul and body.

This book gives us an explanation on the inward man and what it really means to be born again. The author also gives us the three realms known to man which are the spiritual realm and the intellectual realm and the physical realms; it gives clear analysis on which part of man connects with each realm, read the book to find out.


Chapter 4

Controlling the soul

The previous chapter dealt with the spirit, which is the real you. God does not talk to your soul- he talks to you.

God is not a violater of human will. He is a respecter of human will. But demons love to violate God and human will- which is the component of man called soul.

Saving the soul: the new birth brings about an immediate change in your being. The inward man is changed instantaneously, but your soul does not have the same quick change..Why? Read the book to find out.


Chapter 5

Battling the body

As spirits beings living inside bodies, we contact the physical realm- the realm of the natural- though our bodies, but unfortunately, when we are born again, our bodies don’t get overhauled the way our spirits do.

The book gives some insights on our bodies as a holy vessel, a living sacrifice and ultimately keeping the body under subjection.

An evil spirit seeks to find dwelling in the physical, his goal is to dwell in the spirit of man- to take possession of it, or of the soul. He’ll take any part of you he can get.


Chapter 6

The necessity for spiritual hunger

According to the author, if you want to learn to be led by the Holy Spirit whether you have been a Christian for two months or twenty year. The first requirement is spiritual hunger.

You have to be hungry: the first step to flowing with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis is the spiritual hunger and thirst that Jesus described.

Be spiritually fit: it’s a spiritual exercise to develop your inward man.

The book gives explanation on why a Christian must be spiritually fit and the desire to want more of God, the act of being hungry and thirsty for the Holy Spirit.

From glory to glory: a lot of people get filled and then stay in that one glory. They keep eating the same food.

According to the author of this book you don’t stay at just being spiritually fit, you have to be spiritually aggressive, more importantly hunger after the things of God. Don’t hunger after anything else.


Chapter 7

Operating in the spirit realm

Remember Christianity is not a natural organization. The men who promoted the gospel were men of the spirit. The greatest example throughout history of a man who operated in the realm of the spirit is our saviour, Jesus.

Don’t touch it in the natural: devils are not your greatest threat. The greatest battle you will ever face is getting your head in line so you can face the devils.

Operating in the spirit realm: anyone who does not walk in the Spirit shall suffer.

Spirit life is a command; it’s not a suggestion. Jesus activated the law of faith to calm the sea.


Chapter 8

Faith Vs. Religion

Faith is a potent force. Its not a minor power.

The author makes it clear you come into the kingdom by faith. You obtain the blessing by faith. You overcome the evil one by faith.

Faith is expectancy. It is released by our words and actions.

Faith= expectancy

Our prayers have to be prayed by faith and we must live lives of faith.

Carnal Christians: you can be born again and still live in carnality.

Carnality and spirituality are facts of life. You’ll not get rid of either one, but one will dominate the other.

Living in the spirit does not mean you become weird. You simply become spiritually minded but never religious-nut minded.

Read the last part of this book to know what is the opposite of rebellion?


Chapter 9

Why tongues?

This chapter focuses its attention on the specialized type of prayer that is one of the mainstays of life in the spirit: praying in tongues.

Praying in the spirit is not just something we do to set us apart as charismatic and Pentecostals.

Some people,when they first began to speak in tongues,so not have fluency or a large spiritual vocabulary.

Does the Holy Spirit always want to pray in tongues through you? Read the book to get the concise answer to this questions and lot more spiritual explanation.

This chapter gives the several reasons for praying in tongues.


Chapter 10

Confronting devils

Everyone who is led by the spirit will find that demonic assault comes with the territory.

In the chapter 10, the author gives a warning to heed when talking about confronting devils; read the book to find out.

The author gave the very first thing the disciples will do according to mark 16:15 read to find out.

Armed and dangerous: God makes sure His warriors have everything they need to wipe out the enemy.

Counterattack: when the devil takes a blow, he always plans a counterattack.

Final victory: we are not in an imaginary world. The world of the Spirit is very real.


Chapter 11

Seven ways God leads you

The author identifies seven different ways by which the Holy Spirit leads you. He states with explnantions for clarifications. I will state the first two methods given which are: the inward witness and the inward voice.

The author also warns us about the false visions because there is a counterfeit of whatever is legitimate.

A demonic vision usually has tragedy, error or mischievousness in it.


Chapter 12

Understanding the prophetic

The purpose of prophecy is to build up,encourage (exhort) and comfort the church and individual believers.

God doesn’t always promise to take you first-class. He just gets you there.

The author states that many time God gives me prophecy in part. The other part may come some other way.

This chapter tackles when tongues becomes sounding brass ,clanging cymbals.

It also tackles why we need to interpret tongues.

Also this chapter treats how we judge the prophetic.


Chapter 13

Ways that God does not lead

This chapter tackles the unscriptural forms of guidance so that you will not be tempted to try any of these.

The author gives three methods and warns Christians not to be dependent on them

You have to remember that because of calvary, some things are done differently in the New Testament from how they were done in the old.

In the Old Testament men and women of God inquired of the prophet because they could not hear from God for themselves.

Prophecy sometimes is nothing more than just divine encouragement spoken by the spirit of God through somebody.

Find out what God is saying to you.

It comes down to this: keep your heart pure.


Chapter 14

The price of obedience

God can use us fully if we give ourselves to him fully. And that requires obedience.

Obedience carries a high price tag.

Today god is declaring things to the church that pertains to the end times.

When it comes to spiritual matters, the church will be mocked and taunted exactly as Noah was.

Let’s stay in complete obedience to what God has called us to do.

The book concludes with passing the test: will you be led by the spirit? Will you practice your assignments? Will you earn your diploma from the school of the spirit?

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Get more of God in your life.




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