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I welcome you to the bible study and reviews page. we shall be expounding on the secrets and messages in the bible and i hope we are blessed.there shall be post of the outlines and we shall have opportunity to ask questions on the addressed topic.

Topic: The Gospel of Christ

Text: 1 Corinthians 15:1-11, Galatians 1:1-9


What is the Gospel?

The gospel is a popular word in Christianity but only few Christians know the contextual meaning and usage in the scriptures. The word Gospel is derived from the Greek words “euangelion” and “euangelizomai”  which has different meaning but I will adhere to the meaning that best fit into this message which is the gospel in relation to the New Testament translation which means “good news” or proclaiming of good news. The full gospel of Christ is contained in the four gospels of the New Testament which are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and they contain the sayings, teachings, works, miracles, and death and resurrection accounts of Jesus.

The word Gospel means good news and so the gospel of Jesus Christ is the goodness of the coming of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins for all mankind who believe in him. Romans 1:16 Colossians 1:14, Romans 10:9. From the sin of Adam and eve in Eden, mankind has been in condemnation of God as seen in Romans 5:12. The good news of Jesus hope against this condemnation that all mankind is guilty of sin and condemnation was proclaimed through the gospel of Jesus Christ, where God made a way for the forgiveness of the sins of mankind in John 3:16;man is not just forgiven but also justified and sanctified. 1 peter 2:24, Romans 4:25.

Biblical Characteristics of the gospel of Christ

  1. Jesus was born by a virgin named mary in Bethlehem as prophesied by the prophets. Matthew 1:23,luke 1:27.
  2. Jesus is the messiah of the world to give hope John 14:6, Romans 6:23, Colossians 1:23.
  3. Jesus died on the cross and resurrected on the third day 2 Tim 2:8.
  4. Jesus will one day judge the world 1 peter 4:6,Acts 17:31.

Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15 amongst other passages in scriptures tells us what you need to know about the gospel of Christ:

  1. The gospel of Christ must be preached; when the gospel is received it must also be preached. 1 Corinth 15:1, 1 Thessalonians 2:9, Hebrews 4:2a Acts 16:10.
  2. A Christian must stand in the Gospel of Christ which he received unto salvation.1 Corinth 15:1
  3. The gospel of Christ must say that Christ died for our sins and rose on the third day as given by the Holy Scriptures verse 3.
  4. The Gospel of Christ makes us living witnesses of Jesus Christ himself as it made Apostle Paul a witness of Christ. I Corinth 15:5-8,Ephesian 6:19

Evangelist Oyewole .A. Ojo

Hand of God for the Month of March 2018

Topic: Rehoboth

Text: Genesis 26:20-22, Joshua 23:1-5


With the hand of God which is strong upon us from the beginning of the year 2018 will make us get to our Rehoboth safely where we shall have room to be fruitful and there would be no form of striving against us. The enemy of our soul never wished for us to have rest or become fruitful thereby forming the opposition of the enemies to strive with us in every part of our journey. Genesis 26:20, judges 11:25.

Where is the place of Rehoboth?

The bible dictionary gives more insight about Rehoboth to mean “broad places “or “broad places of the city”; the geographical location of the place of Rehoboth in the bible times was the open space  found within Nineveh or its suburbs Gen 10:11. Rehoboth In the scriptural text given in the book of Genesis Chapter 26:22 relating to this message was defined through the words of Isaac as a place where the LORD made a room for him and there was no striving with him which made him fruitful in the Land. The opposite in meaning to the word Rehoboth as used in the scripture in Genesis 26:20 is ESEK and SITNAH because there was still strivings with Isaac the Son of Abraham. God has the intention to take his children to their place of Rehoboth. Despite the struggles and challenge of life there is always a point we can overcome to cross over to our place of Rehoboth.

Five Spiritual significance of a believer in his place of Rehoboth

  1. The place of Rehoboth is the place of dominance: Genesis 26:17-22 the philistines blocked the well that Isaac dug because he was mightier than them and they were terrified of him until he got to Rehoboth.
  2. The place of Rehoboth is the place where the enemy cannot claim ownership of your testimony: Genesis 26:20,the philistines claimed ownership of the previous well dug by Isaac’s men at Esek verse 20, shitnah verse 21 but at Rehoboth they could not take over his wells because God gave ownership to Isaac
  3. The place of Rehoboth is the place of peace and rest; in this world there will be striving and tribulations but the Rehoboth of any believing Christian is Heaven where God has made room for us through Jesus Christ. Matthew 11:28, John 16:33.
  4. The place of Rehoboth is the place of abundant fruitfulness; it was at Rehoboth that Isaac saw the provisions of being fruitful because there was well of waters to flourish his household and business. Genesis 26 Verse 22c
  5. The place of Rehoboth is the place of fulfillment of the promises of a Christian believer in Christ, believers in Christ must endeavor to have fulfillment in their faith and fellowship with the Lord. Psalm 20:5-6

Prayer points for provoking the hand of God for our place of Rehoboth

  1. Powers of darkness that blocks the springs and wells of my living waters; be arrested by the fire of the Holy Ghost and destroyed in Jesus Name, Amen. Genesis 22:16
  2. Powers of the enemies striving with me in my place of abode and fruitfulness and keeps claiming possession of my progress, handover my inheritance and blessings back to me, In Jesus name, Amen. Esther 9:16
  3. Spirit of the Lord, lead and guide me to my place of Rehoboth where I will not need to strive anymore to get rest.2 chronicles 6:10, Joshua 23:1-5.
  4. My Lord and my God, make me fruitful in the room free of strive you have prepared for me, make all that hate me come back to celebrate me. Genesis 26:26-31

Evang. Oyewole Ademola Ojo


Topic: God’s hand that locate one’s destiny by mercy

Text: Luke 1:26


We are not new to the word ”destiny” in Yoruba is “ayanmo” as we all know everyone has a destiny to fulfil; according to the Encarta dictionary defines destiny as “somebody’s preordained future” or “inner realizable purpose of life.

The destiny(s) of many people are in bondage, oppression and imprisonment which need to be located by God through his mercy so that the destiny can move forward.

In the reference text in Luke 1:26, we read of the story of where Mary a virgin, was located by the mercy of the Hand of God to be the carrier of the messiah of the whole world. God sent an angel named Gabriel to her in Nazareth, a city of Galilee. The message from God by the angel was given to Mary as given in Luke 1 verse 28-38. Mary the fiancée of Joseph was ignorant that her destiny in life was to birth the saviour into the world until the angel delivered the message to her.

The hand of God located Apostle Ayodele Babalola while he was working as a steam roller to fulfil his destiny of becoming a world evangelist, he was the fire that sparked the 1930 revival which Africa and the rest of the world has not recovered from.

People In The Bible Whose Destinies Was Located By The Hand Of God

  1. Abraham: Abraham was located by God’s mercy to fulfil the destiny of becoming a Father of a great nation even when he was yet to have a child with his wife, Gen 12:1-9. He fulfilled destiny by fathering the son of promise named Isaac.
  2. David: David was located in the wilderness by the hand of God to fulfil his destiny of becoming the second king of Israel. When Eli visited the family of Jesse, David was not presented by his Father before Prophet Samuel; the mercy of God rose for David to be anointed as King.1 Samuel 16:1-22.
  3. Mary: Mary the fiancee of Joseph was located by an angel of God to conceive the Son of God, Jesus; she was not the only virgin in the city of Galilee but the mercy of God located her. Luke 1:26-56.
  4. Mad man of Gadarene: the destiny of the mad man of gadarene was held bondage in the tomb by unclean spirits until the mercy of God through Jesus located him and delivered him from the oppression. Mark 5:1-17.
  5. The man at the pool: the destiny of the sick man was stagnated for thirty-eight years; he had no one to put him in the pool when the water was stirred by an angel once in a certain season. The hand of God located him by the mercy of Jesus Christ and restored him without the stirring of the waters. John 5:1-9.
  6. The crippled Man at the beautiful gate. The crippled man at the beautiful gate was not having a beautiful time begging because he was lame from his mother’s womb; the hand of God located him through Peter and John who by faith in Jesus Christ pulled him up. Acts 3:1-11.


Why you need the hand of God to locate your destiny by his mercy

  1. You will live a fulfilled life on earth and even after death when the Hand of God locates your destiny.
  2. God is the author of the destiny of every man; you cannot know your destiny better than the writer of the destiny for all mankind. Accept Jesus Christ today.
  3. You might be ignorant of your destiny but it is the mercy of God that gives you insight of what your destiny entails and how to fulfill it. Jeremiah 1:5
  4. Many died unfulfilled; it is the mercy of God that gives you a reason to live a fulfilled life on earth.


Prophetic prayer to seek the hand of God to locate our destiny by His mercy

  1. Fire of  the living God; consume every shackles and chains holding my destiny in bondage and captivity, In Jesus name, Amen
  2. Spirit of the Living God, direct and lead me to my place of destiny so that I can live a fulfilled life on earth.
  3. Hand of God, locate me by the mercy of God to my God ordained destiny and don’t let me be a slave of another’s destiny, In Jesus name, Amen.

Evang. Oyewole A Ojo


Topic: Total Deliverance for Total Turnaround

Text: Obadiah 17, 2 Kings 7:1-20


This new month of July shall be a month of total deliverance for us as a church and for our families because there shall be deliverance upon mount Zion (Obadiah 17). We are seeking not just a partial deliverance but a total deliverance that is piloted by God Almighty himself that would birth a total turnaround in every area of our lives.

According to the word of the Lord in Leviticus 23:24; I decree that on this first day of the seventh month in this year 2018; you shall blow your trumpets of total rest by the result of the deliverance from the Lord; in Jesus name, Amen

What do we mean by total turnaround?

I would define Total turnaround as the complete change is situation from bad or negative to good or positive by the hand of God; there is no situation that is extremely hard or bad for God to turnaround for by his great deliverance. Another word for total turnaround is complete turnaround. Genesis 18:14, Jeremiah 32:17, 27.

Who is divine total turnaround for?

Divine total turnaround is for you the believer in Christ reading this message because God has set to give total deliverance to you that could give you total advantage over every opposition and enemy today as you believe by Faith in Jesus Christ. Without Jesus your total turnaround is incomplete and reversible by the enemy.

Preparing for a total turnaround through total deliverance:

  1. Desire total turnaround: the key to total deliverance and total turnaround is the desire for a change of story; God will never force total turnaround upon those who did not ask from him. My question for you is “do you desire the total turnaround of God upon your life” 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, Psalm 37:4
  2. Abide in Jesus Christ: if you seek the irreversible total deliverance then you must abide in Christ only, therefore when you ask for turnaround you shall receive it. John 15:7. You cannot get complete deliverance when you belong with the devil.
  3. Don’t seek deliverance for turnaround from smaller gods or idols: many seem to get deliverance but it either does not last or it destroys them; don’t pursue inferior gods in the name of turnaround for prosperity, healing, restoration etc. 2 Kings 1:1-17
  4. Believe the promises of the word of the Lord for total deliverance for a total turnaround: in 2 Kings 6:24-7:1-20,benhadad the king of Syria gathered his army against Samaria to capture it and this caused a great famine to the extent of eating their children(6:28);the prophet of the Lord Elisha prophesied of a coming deliverance and total turnaround ;it came to pass except the lord on whose hand the king leaned upon; he died without tasting of the total deliverance (2 Kings 7).
  5. Don’t give up until you get your total deliverance for a total turnaround: spiritual overcomers do not quit neither do they go on a break, we read of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1, she did not quit nor rest until she got her total deliverance and turnaround from barrenness to fertility.

Prophetic Prayer point for violent total turnaround:

  1. Divine deliverance that destroys the shackles and powers of the bondage, come upon me and rescue me from my enemies of promotion.
  2. Powers resisting my total breakthrough and complete turnaround, what are you waiting for, die by the fire of the Holy Ghost.
  3. Embargoes of my father and mothers house that wants to ensure that I don’t see my total turnaround through doubt or unbelief catch fire and be roasted to death, in Jesus name, Amen.
  4. Divine Total turnaround is my portion this month and the rest of my life, In Jesus name, Amen.
  5. Wind of change blow upon my life and deliver my total deliverance unto me, in Jesus name, amen.

Evang. Oyewole A. Ojo

Topic: Empowerment for exploits

Text: Daniel 11:32, Zech 4:14


When the bible talks about great exploits then we know that the people that know their God shall be strong and ceaselessly do exploits Daniel 11:32. God expects all His children to do exploit for him.

Exploits means to use something for its ultimate benefits or simply to take advantage of something or somebody.

Spiritual exploits is scarce among the children of God in our generation today but we give glory to God who is still faithful to give His children the grace to make great exploits.

Who is empowered for exploits?

To be empowered simply means to give somebody power or authority or to give a person greater sense of confidence.

Every believer in Christ Jesus has been empowered for exploits according to the scriptures by God our Father and Master since he is full of mysteries of exploits.

How we have been Biblical empowered for exploits?

  1. Knowing our God is our foundational basis for doing great and majestic exploits; Daniel 11:32
  2. God gives the power to get wealth when we remember Him. Deut 8:18
  3. Wisdom precedes exploits; God empowered the richest and wisest man in Old Testament bible History named Solomon wisdom for exploits 2 chronicles 1:11-12.
  4. Unwillingness to partner with the enemies of God will give you empowerments for great exploits Ezra 9:12.
  5. Obedience and observing the word of God will guarantee prosperous exploits; Joshua 1:8.
  6. One who would operate with God will have authority and power for exploits Matthew 7:29; 21:23; mark 1:22.
  7. We have been commissioned for exploits by Jesus just like the disciples Luke 9:1; 10:19.


Workers empowered for exploits:

  1. Through preaching of the gospel. Matthew 4:23,
  2. Through creating wealth and discoveries. Deut. 8:18.
  3. Through signs and wonders. Zech 4:14
  4. Through our service unto God in his vineyard like Philip and Stephen. Acts 7, 8.
  5. Through reaching to the perishing in evangelism; 2 Corinthians 11.
  6. Through our operational spiritual and earthly gifts.1 Corinthians 12:1-20; 14:12.

Evang. Oyewole A. Ojo        

Topic: Godly Love and Its Characteristics

Text: 1 Corinthians 13, John 13:34-35


From the theme of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) which is “love in action”, we can deduce that love is not just in words but in action and works. 1 John 4:4-10 we read that our God is love and if we do not show love then we do not know God. This leads us to the types of love that we have and which is the best for Christians in the body of Christ. We cannot ignore the biblical concept of love embedded in the bible from both the Old and New Testament. It is not mistaken that the Decalogue speaks of love that is expected from the Jews amongst themselves and to God Yahweh, Exodus 20. Inorder to understand the act of giving, the context of the word “Love” must be clearly understood and followed. C.F  Romans 5:5-8; 8:38-39.1 John 2:5, 1 John 3:16, 4:9, 11

The major types of love: we have different types of love based on the Greek and Hebrew typological meaning and they are given below:

  1. Ahavah: this is another word for human love towards oneself or another person generally or towards a person of the opposite sex. Jeremiah 31:3
  2. Chesed: this is a Hebrew term for love which refers to covenant love as seen in the scriptures where God remembers and keeps His covenant of love and faithfulness despite the rebellious ways of His people.
  3. Eros: this type of love as given in Greek to refer to erotic or sexual love.
  4. Phileo: this is a type of love that is found from Greek to mean the love towards a friend or family member. In the NT it is used to express the love of God the Father to Jesus His Son as seen in John 5:20. We would never use the Phileo love to express the love of a person towards God.
  5. Agapao: this love is also coined from the Greeks to mean the type of love that is unconditional; this type of love is used among the believers to mean the special unconditional love of God. The agape love is sometimes used for the Phileo love.

Biblical characteristic of godly love (Phileo and Agapao)

  1. Godly love is a Fruit of the Holy Spirit as seen in Galatians 5:22,therefore if you claim that you have the Fruit of the Holy Spirit then you must exhibit his characteristic fruit of love which is very significant. C.f Matthew 7:20,
  2. Godly love is not directed towards the things of the world: the godly love the bible talks is not drawn to the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life as seen in 1 John 2:15-16. C.f John 15:19,1 john 3:1
  3. Godly love is not only in word or in tongue but in action and in truth; 1 John 3:18. The GNB give us a clear meaning which says “My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action”.
  4. Godly love that the bible expects that we love one another just like Jesus Christ loves us; as seen in John 13:34-35. If we refuse to love another in the body of Christ then we do not love Jesus our saviour. C.f Romans 12:10,13:8,1 Peter 1:22
  5. Godly love is defined expressly by Brother Paul in 1 Corinthians 13; this kind of love is the agape love and is also known as charity. Without this nature of Love we are but nothing. Paul states that this love is patient and kind, it is not jealous, not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable, does not keep record of wrong-doing, is not happy with evil, it is happy with truth, never gives up, this type of love is eternal; verses 4-8.


It is the expectation of God that we all in comforter’s assembly exhibit godly love which is the agape kind of love and its full characteristics if we are ever going to show that we love one another and ultimately love God. Every characteristic of love found in 1 Corinthians 13 defines the type of love God expects from every believer in the body of Christ. I therefore say to the Body of Christ in comforter’s chapel” let brotherly and godly love continue”.

Evang. Oyewole A Ojo


Topic: Solemn Gathering of Repentance

Text: 2 Chronicles 7:14, Jonah 3:8, Joel 1:14


What is a solemn assembly or gathering?

A solemn gathering or assembly is an ancient biblical practice in the bible that gives us a necessary solution to national crisis and spiritual emptiness that is caused by open or secret compromise among God’s people; the need for the breakthrough of revival and repentance among the people.

A solemn gathering of repentance is a gathering or assembly that is humorless and sacred with ultimate and complete reverence unto repentance. Another word for solemn gathering is solemn assembly. Solemn shows the sincerity and gravity of the gathering of the people in a ceremony.  Jonah 3:1-10

Joel the prophet in the times of old called for a solemn assembly because the people were guilty of scandalous sins and immorality which were yet to be confessed and forsaken; it was an act of God to correct them by visiting them with judgment to make them correct their ways with the plagues, fierce drought that afflicted their lands. Joel 1:1-13

In 2 chronicles 7:9, we read that king Solomon proclaimed a solemn gathering for repentance for the children of Israel and God listened to his prayers and honored his petitions with divine presence filling the temple. Solemn gathering unto repentance are not new to the Jews but it is a season of spiritual wakening and coming back to Yahweh.

Now is the time to call God’s people in the Christ Apostolic Church to repentance in a solemn gathering:

  1. Say to the church the words of prophet Ezekiel in the book of Ezekiel 33:11 which says “as surely as I live, declares the sovereign LORD,I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! Why will you die.O House of Israel?” C.F 2 peter 3:9
  2. Tell them what prophet Joel says in Joel 2:1 which says” blow the trumpet in Zion; sound the alarm on my holy hill. Let all who live in the land tremble, for the day of the Lord is coming. It is close at hand. C.F
  3. Proclaim a fast and call a solemn gathering. Summon the pastors, elders, deaconess, men, women youths, children and all who belong to the House of God to cry out aloud to the Lord for mercy. Joel 1:14
  4. Let the people know that the day of the Lord is near (Joel 1:15) and we must return to our Lord and saviour with our heart in fasting, weeping and mourning. Joel 2:12
  5. Rend your hearts and not your garments, if you return to the Lord, He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil. Joel 2:13,  Jer 29:13
  6. Tell the people of the promise of God to the people who turn to him in 2 chronicles 7:14 which says if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Spiritual Characteristics of Solemn Gatherings of Repentance

  1. Solemn gathering of repentance is proclaimed during a revival of the children of God. 2 Chron 7:9
  2. God must send his fire from Heaven to consume the burnt offerings and sacrifices in a solemn assembly 2 Chron 7:1
  3. The glory of the Lord will be evident in the gatherings that is solemn unto repentance 2 Chron 7:1-3
  4. Solemn gathering of repentance could be proclaimed with a fast. Joel 1:14, Jonah 3:5.
  5. Both spiritual fathers and followers cry unto the Lord in repentance in a solemn assembly. Joel 1:14 C.f

Why the need of solemn gathering unto repentance?

  1. Evil and strange things that did not happen to our fathers are happening to the people and the Church today Joel 1:2
  2. There is famine and unrest all over the nations Joel 1:4-7
  3. Joy of the people and the Joy of the temple are gone, they need to be comforted. Joel 1:12
  4. There is no more moving of the Spirit, absence of the workings of the Spirit. Luke 3:3-9.
  5. Absence of Love and charity among the people of God.
  6. Negative ambassadors of Christ have filled the church and nation.

Evang. Oyewole .A. Ojo


Topic: Jesus: His Triumphant Kingly Entry Into Jerusalem

Text: Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-40, John 12:12-16


Jesus entry into Jerusalem marked the fulfillment of a prophecy by Prophet Zechariah in the book of Zechariah chapter 9 verse 9 about the entry of a king into Jerusalem and the nature of animal the king would ride upon and the glorious accolade this king will receive from people. The four gospels of the New Testament gives us accurate and similar accounts of what transpired on that glorious day, known today as the “palm Sunday” and how it was celebrated among the Jews.( Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-40, John 12:12-16)

The Palm Sunday has a moveable date that varies every year but it must fall on the Sunday that ends the Lent season before Easter. The Palm Sunday also is the week that precedes the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Most Christian faithful around the world today celebrate the Palm Sunday by carrying a cross made of palm fronds and decorating their churches with palm leaves and palm trees; John 12:13. It is worthy of note that some few days after the praising of Jesus upon entry to Jerusalem, the same people that praised him clamored for his crucifixion and death.

Significance of the Palm Sunday to the church

  1. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus rode on the donkey and not a horse-chariot to denote a peaceful king rather than a war- raging king.  Matthew 21:1-10, Mark 11:7.
  2. The Palm Sunday which is the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem takes place one week before his resurrection.
  3. The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem describes his views and tears foretelling the suffering and destruction coming upon the city of Jerusalem that destroyed the second temple. Luke 19: 41-44.
  4. Zechariah 9:9 is believed by theological students of the bible to give a foretelling of the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, the book of Zech 9:9 says Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he [is] just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.
  5. The proclamation of the people who placed palms and cloths on the path of Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of song in psalm 118:26 which says Blessed [be] he that cometh in the name of the LORD: we have blessed you out of the house of the LORD
  6. The palm Sunday tells the Christian that Jesus stood for the peace for mankind as prophesied in Isaiah 9:6 as the prince of peace, it also shows that Jesus prepared the donkey for himself and this proves he knows and can do everything for the glory of God; Matthew 21:1-3


As we celebrate the Palm Sunday as a family and church, we must keep in remembrance that Jesus is our king and Lord, we must let the world know that he is the prince of peace who came to the world to give peace to everyone that believes in Him. The palm Sunday proves to us  that the Christians today claim to worship and praise Jesus but are crucifying him the second time by denying him just like the Jews of the time of Christ praised him and gave him a kingly welcome into Jerusalem Matthew 21:8-9 and less than five days called for his crucifixion mark 15:13. Have a blessed Holy week ahead.

Evang. Oyewole Ademola Ojo


Christ Gospel: Power Of God Unto Salvation

Text: Romans 1:16-17


From the previous weeks we have been discussing about the gospel of Christ which is our theme for the year 2018. The gospel is about Jesus, his birth, death and resurrection inorder to redeem man from perpetual damnation. The church today has diverted from preaching the same gospel that Paul preached that is why the power of God is not seen in the church today.

The gospel is the basic foundation message on the New Testament but it is greatly misunderstood by many Christians today, you will fail to see the power of God in the Gospel until you understand and you believe (Faith). In 1 Corinthians 1:17-31 tells us more how the gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation, a careful study of this scripture will intimate you about the preaching of the cross to them that are saved; the power of God and them that are not saved; foolishness; furthermore the gospel of Christ is both the power of God and the wisdom of Christ.

The intention of Apostle Paul in his letter in Romans 1:16a:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; Romans 1:16a

  1. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: apostle Paul knew the attitude of the unbelievers to the message of the cross (mark 8:38), people admitted to have been as the unbelievers were before his experience on the way to Damascus where he met Jesus who the world rejected and his gospel, this made Paul and the apostles not to be intimidated or fearful of his life for the cause of the gospel. Acts 9
  2. The gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation: the gospel of Christ here is not the teachings of Jesus Christ; it is the gospel that released the power of God for the salvation of man. Salvation is accomplished through the grace of God revealed through the preaching of the gospel of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus for the sins of man and the hope of resurrection. Titus 2:11
  3. To everyone that believes: the acceptance of the gospel by a person is by believing, Jesus said in mark 16:15-16 that anyone who believes in the gospel of him preached would be saved; c.f Acts 8:31-39 The jailer in Acts 16:25-36.

Relevance of the gospel of Christ and the power of God unto salvation in the church today

  1. The power of God was seen in the world of today through the sharing of the gospel of Christ, the 1930 revival by apostle Babalola was centered on the gospel of Christ and not on the Christ Apostolic Church.
  2. The power of God unto salvation was responsible for the healings and miracles witnessed in the church of this generation and wherever the gospel of Christ is preached, there would be genuine healing and miracles. John 14:12.
  3. The power of God unto salvation gave boldness unto the ministers of the gospel such as Daniel Orekoya, Josiah Akindayomi, Oba IB Akinyele, Apostle Babalola, Moses Orimolade, Billy Graham, Oral Robert and the other soldiers of Christ and we saw that they were not ashamed of the gospel of Christ just like Paul and peter. Acts 2:14.
  4. The gospel of Christ birthed several revivals in our present revival and God always gives out his power in no measure in furtherance of the gospel of Christ to the lost souls. Acts 8:10
  5. The comforter’s assembly should operate in the power of God and go out to witness unto the lost souls with the gospel of Christ. Mark 16:15

Evangelist Oyewole A. Ojo



Text::1 Samuel 16:13, Isaiah 10:27


Breakthrough and success are two rare treasures that few mortal men in our generation today possess. In order to perceive the spiritual tone of this message you need to understand the basic meaning of anointing from the Holy Bible and how anointing helps a Christian to overcome every obstacle and challenge inhibiting breakthrough and success in our race on earth. The anointing breaks the yokes that hinders breakthrough and success in the life of a believer; Isaiah 10:27.

When David was anointed by Prophet Samuel in 1 Samuel 16:13 in the midst of his brothers and his Father, bible records that he began to experience breakthrough and success in his ways, battles and journeys because the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. Anointing without discipline is a colossal disaster like the life of Samson. Judges 16:1-31


Anointing can be defined as either to bless somebody with oil as part of a religious ceremony or to ordain a person officially or ceremonially into a position or office. Anointing from God is the anointing that last longest and it is pure and void of setbacks. I pray for you reading this message that you shall be anointed for your place of destiny, in Jesus name, Amen.


  1. Determine to Belong to God: if you want to access anointing for breakthrough and success then you must be on the side of God and carry the anointing of God. 2 Corinth 1:21.
  2. Stand in your office that the Lord has given you based on his anointing. Exodus 29:29,44,Num 3:3-7,Isaiah 61:1-7
  3. Guard the anointing for breakthrough and success jealously, don’t lose it like Saul
  4. The anointing abides in you and will teach you all you need for breakthrough and success in every area of your life. 1 John 2:27
  5. Make the best use of the anointing for breakthrough and exploit, God is looking for violent reformers in his vineyard. Luke 4:18,Isaiah 45:1-6


  1. Lord God of Host, anoint me for breakthrough that will call me forth from the wilderness of failure and wastage.
  2. Oil of gladness that propels to greatness and breakthrough, come upon me now, In Jesus name, Amen.
  3. Weapon of warfare of God; destroy the powers that contaminate the anointing for breakthrough and success in my life now, In Jesus name. Amen. I Samuel 16:14,psalm 132:10-11
  4. Anointing for breakthrough and success from the Lord, distinguish me among my friends and family members like you did for David. I Samuel 16:13,psalm 131:17-18
  5. Lord God preserve your anointed from enemies of breakthrough and success. 1 Chron 16:22

Evang. Oyewole A. Ojo

Topic: Christian and right concept of God’s kingdom

Text: Luke 17:20-21


A Christian is an adherent follower of Jesus Christ, actually one who is committed to the things of Jesus Christ. The Christian is alike in behavior, activity and speech like Christ. Acts 11:26, 1 peter 4:16. As a Christian it is expected to have the right understanding of the kingdom of God. From our guiding text for this message in Luke 17:20-21, the Pharisees asked Jesus when the kingdom of God would come and Jesus  responded the them that  the kingdom of God does not come in a way that  it will be seen in this world or by observation.

What is the kingdom of God?

The kingdom of God according to the Holman illustrated bible dictionary is the concept of God’s kingly or sovereign rule, encompassing both the realm over which rule is exerted (Matthew 4:8, 24:7, mark 6:23, luke 4:5, revelation 16:10) and the exercise of authority to reign (Luke 19:12, revelation 17:12) therefore, the kingdom of God is the kingdom where God reigns; this kingdom is simply ruled by God. Our lord Jesus gave explanations through his teachings, preaching and parables about the kingdom of God; mark 1:14-15, luke 4:43, 8:1.  In john 4:24,saint John writing made us understand the words of Jesus to the Samaritan woman at the well that God is spirit and anyone who worships him must worship him in spirit and in truth, this means that if God is spirit then his kingdom must be a spiritual kingdom as well.

The right concept of God’s kingdom supported by the Holy bible

The first thing a Christian must understand about the kingdom of God is that it is a kingdom not of this world and the kingdom of God is the ultimate destination plan for every faithful Christian; the kingdom of God is both present and future. The bible gives many truths about the kingdom of God but we shall look at a few for this teaching:

  1. The kingdom of God is presently invisible to our naked eyes, in the nearest future; the kingdom of God will come in it fullness but for now is at hand. Matthew 12:28, Luke 11:20, mark 1:15 mark 14:25, 15:43.
  2. You enter into the kingdom of God by faith in God through Jesus Christ only; John 14:6.
  3. Our Lord Jesus admonished us to seek after the kingdom of God and his righteousness rather than the kingdom of this world. Matthew 6:33, luke 9:62.
  4. The laws of the kingdom of God are written on our hearts by God himself and God wants us to walk in perfect obedience to his commandments; Jeremiah 31:33-34.
  5. By the power of the Holy Ghost the Christian can experience the reign of God in his daily life because the kingdom of God will be in you, Luke 17:21,1 Corinthians 2:9-10,matthew 21:43.
  6. The bible reveals that the kingdom of God came down to earth as Jesus first coming to earth and will be fully realized in the second coming of Jesus Christ. C.f Isaiah 11:1-9.

Evangelist Oyewole Ojo

Hand of God for the month of October 2017

Topic: God’s hand that breaks family curses

Text: Proverbs 26:2, 22:28, Lamentations 3:64-66,


Family curse is a payment, recompense or vengeance for an iniquity or atrocity on a family, Lamentations 3:64-66. In the book of Proverbs 26:2 says a curse does not come without any reason; it is important to note that no curse is placed upon a family without a reason. Many Christian homes are plagued with curses that have caused storms and deadly disasters on household because of ignorance and laxity. The second book of kings chapter 2 verses 26-27 gives us clear proofs of how family curses could go far in destroying the bright promises of the future of the offsprings of such families. 1 kings 2:26-27. Family curses could manifest in several ways such as evil family pattern, hereditary family sickness, untimely deaths, uncontrolled failures, insanity, barrenness, divorce, impotence, bondage, poverty and disasters but not limited to these.

Family curses could be placed by:

  1. God: Like in the case of Eli (c.f. 1 Samuel 2:26-36, Zechariah 5:3-4) 2. Devil or evil oppression
  2. Man: Like in the case of Joshua and the rebuilding of the wall of Jericho, 1 kings 16:34(c.f. acts 13:12)

The hand of God has the power to break every family curses without any remnant. The curses on family affects the success of any lineage or generation on earth, curses also affect the offspring in a family and they always speak at the junction of progress or breakthrough on the descendants. After a family curse is exposed, the deliverance of Jesus Christ is evident. Colossians 2:13-15.

Steps to provoking the hand of God to break family curses

  1. Surrender your life to Jesus Christ completely and forsake your sins outrightly. 1 john 1:9
  2. Seek the help of the Holy Spirit of God by praying fervently to reveal the evil curse speaking against your family. Romans 8:26
  3. Request the Lord to cancel the sins and iniquity of yourself and parents who initiated the curse on your family, the Lord will terminate the effect of the curses and bring it to an end on your family.
  4. Carry-out any restitution if need to be done according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  5. Don’t go back into any act of wrongdoing or iniquity that could trigger the re-occurrence of any or related family curses. Matthew 12:43-45

Prayer points for the Lord to provoke his hand to terminate every family curse

  1. Ancient of days, expose every curse in my family and forgive every sins and iniquities upholding and supporting family curses upon my family and lineage. 1 Corinth 4:5,john 8:36,14:16
  2. My Lord and my God, every spirit of destruction that has pushed my forefathers to leave curses behind after their departure that is speaking against my family; nullify it now, In Jesus name. Amen
  3. Strong Hand of the almighty God, terminate every curse on my family causing delay, frustration, setbacks and failure in my family and children; in Jesus name, Amen. Deut 2:15
  4. Every family curse placed by shedding of innocent blood by my forefathers, blood of Jesus atone for me now, in Jesus mighty name, Amen. Genesis 4:23.

Evang. Oyewole Ojo


The God that qualifies the unqualified

Text: 1 Samuel 17, Genesis 41

Physically in the battles of life you need to be qualified or empowered to fight battles but in the spiritual battles you don’t need to be physically qualified to win spiritual battles.

In the issues of spiritual battles,you need obedience with faith in God to be positioned at the right positions to fight battles you are unqualified to fight.

Hear this,spiritual battles are more important than physical battles,one spiritual battle won is worth more than a thousand physical battle.

people who are desperate for victory take their battles to the spiritual realm,they don’t fight in the physical realm. Ephesians 6 verse 12 gives is an insight that we wrestle  not against flesh and blood(physical) but against prayer principalities,powers, rulers of darkness of this world,spiritual wickedness in high places(spiritual).

Now if you are attacking your life issues only in the physical like seeking life partner, marriage, children, joblessness, sleeplessness, barrenness, sickness, cancer, frustration and other uncomfortable life situations and you don’t take it to the Spiritual then you might not make considerable progress.

Since I was young,I learnt the principle of spiritual warfare and I still apply it when I am not qualified to get what I want either from man or God.

Prayer: My Lord and God I take my battles into the spiritual realm in prayers before your presence,I cannot help myself anymore,fight for me using your angels and give me peace unchallengeable.

Once a battle has been won spiritually it must be manifested physically.

In exodus 17:8-14 we read of a story where the Amalekites came to fight against Israel in rephidim.

During the battle whenever Moses held up his hands Israel prevailed but when he let down his hand on he Amalekites prevailed. Joshua and his men had to devise a means by using stones to keep the hands of Moses held up till the end of the battle. Note that Israel has not yet been trained for battle as at that time,yet spiritual fortifications enforced their victory physically.

In 1 Samuel  17,brother david was the least qualified to fight goliath and the philistines at the valley of elah.

David was not even in the army of Israel yet it was a single act of obedience that brought him before destiny.

David was sent by his father to go and give food to his three elder brothers in the camp, which he could have declined with an excuse but bible emphasized in verse 20 that David rose up early in the morning and did not neglect his duties because of another assignment, he still fulfilled his daily obligation by keeping the sheep with a keeper.

If David refused to go and give his brothers food in the camp of the armies of Israel, he would not have had an encounter to battle goliath.

Hear this: Faith and obedience to God cannot work if you are not meek, diligent and hardworking.

God will not qualify a disobedient child to be used as his vessel to defeat the enemy. David was obedient to his father,it was this simple act of obedience that brought him with Destiny to fight against goliath at the valley of elah.

Many are crying to God to bring them to their promotion and appointment but they fail to pass the test of obedience that brings them face to face with destiny.

God cannot promote a failure who is not willing to change,he can make a failure become a success by changing him,you must be hungry and thirsty for a change.

We all read the story of jabez in 1 chronicles 4:10,he was no longer comfortable with his situation, he requested the Lord to bless him, enlarge his coast and the hand of God be with him. God granted his request.

You don’t get promoted in life without a test or trial; the test and trial David had to,overcome to become a member qualified was his continuos obedience to shepherd the sheep and not giving up even when he faced wild animals who wanted to devour the sheep.

When God wants to qualify your unqualification for a task,he wont tolerate fear and disobedience.

David was not afraid to face the lions,bear and wolves because he did not allow fear and he put his trust in God alone.psalm 23.

The outcome of the battle between David and goliath was unpredictable because it was a reversed case of victory,goliath was more qualified in body and experience(verse 4-7),yet a young boy in his youth who could not even use weapons of warfare or armours defeated him without any struggle.

I pray for someone reading this message that the Lord shall qualify you where you are not physically qualified to take over and conquer,in Jesus Name,Amen.

King Saul was not qualified to lead Israel and be king but he found Favour to be qualified but disobedience made him lose his place,position and inheritance to David.1 samuel 15:11-35.

When God qualifies the unqualified, He does not look at your educational background, talents, skills or how you were born with a golden spoon in your mouth. He called Peter a common fisherman with no education to take care of his flock when he was gone. John 21:15-17, 1 Corinthians 1:26-28.

God is still able to give people mouth watering jobs they are not qualified for. I heard of a story of a man who was a factory worker, his supervisors always complained whenever he wanted to go to church from work and they did not like the way he was too dedicated to God. One day the owner of the factory a foreign man can for a tour/factory inspection so he toured round the factory and was asking everyone questions as he toured from one department to the other, God on his side, he was able to answer all the questions the foreign boss asked them, so the foreign boss asked him what his position was in the company and he told him so destiny changed that moment, the foreign man then told the factory manager to relinquish his position to the clerk and handover the company keys, cars and benefits to the clerk and then if he was not comfortable with it then he must resign. If the factory worker was not diligent in his work to God and at his work, he would not have been promoted.

Prayer: Lord God the event that will lead to my qualification for unqualified position in destiny let it come my way. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Peter was the leader of the early church and people were amazed how a fisherman with no quality was sound in knowledge and great authority.

In Egypt,Joseph a slave and prisoner in the land of egypt was not qualified for the post of the prime minister but he became the second in command to pharaoh and prime minister of egypt. God qualified him for a position he was not qualified to undertake. Genesis 41.

I pray for someone reading this message that in every area you have been unqualified for your destiny and life changing appointments with destiny, the God of Heaven and the Earth qualifies you spiritually and physically to take your positions now, In Jesus Name, Amen.

When man qualifies you for an unqualified position you become their tool or toy if you are not careful but that is different with God,who when He qualifies you,he does not only qualify you,he also puts competitors,scorners, enemies under your feet.

Jesus is Lord and Saviour

Oyewole Ademola Ojo

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Topic: Spiritual Cleansing: One Of The Qualities To Live A New Life In Christ.

Text: Genesis 35:1-7, 2 Timothy 2:20-21, 2 Corinthians 5:17

What is spiritual cleansing?

Spiritual cleansing is the type of healing whereby you seek to identify and cure the spiritual cause for any problem that is manifesting in your life.

Spiritual cleansing is simply cleaning a person’s spiritual life by disposing whatever is causing the dirt or uncleanness. Psalm 51:7, Isaiah 1:25.

I would classify spiritual cleansing into two categories which are the externally initiated (physical) and the internally initiated (spiritual), most importantly you must first initiate spiritual cleansing from the inward inorder to have meaningful effect in the physical.

The first spiritual cleansing that is done in the life of a believer is when he gives his life to Christ Jesus is the new birth, John 3:3-7 the old man of sin is replaced with the new man of Christ whereby all the spirit of sin and iniquity is driven out for the Holy Ghost to reside in the believer.2 Corinthians 5:17

Without the inward spiritual cleansing the outward spiritual cleansing is meaningless. Spiritual cleansing is an essential quality of a new life in Christ; it is an exercise and not just a ceremony.

Perfect spiritual cleansing is done by Jesus Christ and he has given us the authority to represent him on earth to carry out spiritual cleansing. Spiritual cleansing includes healing, curing, deliverance amongst many other forms.

Biblical references on the concept of spiritual cleansing?

We can take a look at biblical ensamples of spiritual cleansing from the bible and also the types of spiritual cleansing that was used.

  • Spiritual cleansing of Jacob at bethel Genesis 35:1-7: God told Jacob to go to bethel and make an altar unto him. Jacob knew he had to put away every unclean thing in his household, this led to the step he took by putting away the strange gods that were in their hands, all earrings in their ears and he hid them under the oak in shechem. This form of spiritual cleansing was done on the physical.
  • The removal of the iniquity from the lips of prophet Isaiah 6:1-7: Isaiah did not see the need of him undergoing spiritual cleansing until the year that king Uzziah died and his eyes were opened where he saw the Lord sitting on his throne and the holiness of the glory of the Lord then he confessed that he was a man of unclean lips; one of the seraphims then flew towards him with a live coal in his hands taken from the altar and placed it on his mouth, thereby purging him of his sins and iniquity. This was done in the spiritual
  • The spiritual cleansing of the madman at gadarene; mark 5:1-13: our lord Jesus healed a man at gadarene; the source of his problem was caused by spiritual uncleanness and evil possession by demons. Jesus performed spiritual cleansing on the man of gadarene and that ended his problem; C.f Luke 8:26-39.

Other examples of spiritual cleansing are; Mary Magdalene and where the Lord cleansed her by removing seven unclean spirits in her mark 16:9; the spiritual cleansing of Joshua the high priest Zechariah 3:1-8. And many countless examples of spiritual cleansing in the scriptures especially those performed by our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and his apostles as accounted in the four gospels and the Acts of the Apostles


Spiritual application and benefits of spiritual cleansing to the Christian and the body of Christ

  1. Spiritual cleansing is important for purging the believer from spiritual contamination that might hinder him to see God; same applies to the body of Christ. Isaiah 52:11, Job 14:4.
  2. Whenever a problem like delay, demonic oppression, stagnation is found in the life of a person especially a believer; spiritual cleansing is an important solution to such problems. Jesus is the person who does the perfect spiritual cleansing for man. Matthew 12:43-45.
  3. Some activities like fasting and prayers are good instruments for applying spiritual cleansing and it is very effective.
  4. Inorder to become a vessel unto honour to be used by the Lord, spiritual cleansing is necessary to remove the dross in your life both physically and spiritually, a vessel fit for the master’s use. 2 Timothy 2:20-21, Malachi 3:3-4, Proverbs 25:4.
  5. The blood of Jesus that was shed once for all men is the cleanser that is required for these spiritual cleansing, any other form is not of God. Hebrews 9:13-14,matthew 10:1,mark 1:27,mark 6:7
  6. Spiritual cleansing is vital and mandatory for every believer in the body of Christ because nothing unclean will get to heaven neither can see God. Revelations 21:27. Galatians 5:19-21.


Topic: But Godliness with contentment is great gain

Text: 1 Timothy 6:6, Philippians 4:11, Luke 12:15


We live in a world ruled by greed and ungodliness, shamefully it is found among the believers of the gospel of Christ who throw caution to the winds when they are faced with situations that has to do with money, inheritance, asset or investments.

Contentment simply means a feeling of calm satisfaction while godliness has to do with a form of religiousness, devoutness, holiness, saintliness, sacredness or divinity.

Christians today especially in Africa are very religious but are not contented or satisfied with what they have and they do all that is in their power to even take what belongs to their neighbour either forcefully or deceitfully. Job 20:20(GNB)

Lack of contentment has led many to their early graves and ultimate destruction on earth, it is the grace of God we need in this present world to be satisfied with the things the Lord has given us and wait till something better comes patiently also not discarding our act of godliness.

Apostle Paul when admonishing brother timothy to add to godliness, contentment because it would be a great gain both spiritually and physically to him. Godliness is not enough but you need an addition which is contentment inorder to be fruitful and profitable.

Gehazi was disposed off by Elisha because he lack contentment, he refused to add to his godliness, contentment that is why he lost the anointing and it was a great loss for him and his generation. 2 kings 5:20-27.

Significance of Godliness and contentment in our Christian living

Godliness and contentment is of great importance in the life of a Christian and it is a yardstick for measuring gain in the life of a believer.

  1. It signifies spiritual maturity because the believer with Godliness and contentment is above the desires of the vanity of this word.
  2. It is cherished by God. The rich fool was destroyed because he lacked contentment and did not give glory to God Luke 12:16-20, C.F Isaiah 57:17
  3. The fruit of the Spirit demands a life of Godliness and contentment through the fruit of patience and self-control. Galatians 5:22-23.
  4. The apostles lived lives of godliness and contentment and they urged their disciples to follow in this path so we also in these last days must strive for it. Philippians 4:11-12.
  5. Lack of Godliness and contentment breeds evil vices and actions that relegate the believer. Ephesians 5:5-6, Colossians 3:5-6.
  6. Godliness as a lifestyle helps a believer depend solely on God especially to turn all life experiences to work out for your good. Romans 8:28.


Benefits of Godliness with contentment

  1. Satisfaction: one of the best benefits of godliness and contentment gives satisfaction, who Christian or believer who is godly and contented will always be satisfied because he is not driven by lust of the things of this world. Philippians 4:11, psalm 37:18-19
  2. Peace of mind: peace of mind is another benefit of the gains of godliness and contentment. A Christian who had these combined attributes of godliness and contentment is not in disarray in his thoughts and mind.
  3. Security: since all that the Christian acquired is not a product of greed or lust therefore God will protect all that he possess and keep it away from the devil and evil people .Proverbs 11:6 (GNB) job lived a contented life and God preserved all he had with an hedge of fire. Job 1:10.
  4. Longevity: godliness and contentment in the distant future will be an advantage for the believer because he would enjoy long years on earth since he enjoys peace of mind and satisfaction.
  5. Eternally Fruitfulness: greed and lust for the things of this world makes many believers not to be fruitful and it becomes a great loss to them in their spiritual journey because the enemy can come in through this path to deceive or tempt them. The fruit of the spirit in the life of a Christian will help to live a life of Godliness coupled with contentment in all things. Galatians 5:22-23.



The secret of contentment is godliness. When you read the entire passage of 1 Timothy 6:6 you see the secret of contentment and its merits and dangers if it is lacking in the life of a believer.

When contentment is absent then covetousness is present. No greater gain could ever come to a person than contentment. Luke 12:15

Godliness is always practical based on the revelation of God and it has to do with acting upon what you know and not how much you know. There are no shortcuts to Godliness and the moment you begin to practice what God tells you to do, the obedient life of godliness will become part of you and you will begin to experience the contentment apostle Paul is admonishing in 1 Timothy 6:6.


Topic: Acceptable Offering: God’s Avenue To Bless Christians

Text: Romans 12:1, Genesis 18:15-22, Acts 5:1-11


Furthermore on Christ and biblical teaching on giving especially its importance, principles, obligation, blessings and consequences if not obeyed by the Christian.

An acceptable offering is an offering without blemish, according to the book of Leviticus 22:20-29 we read the commandment of the Lord for the offerings of the children to be accepted by God. One of the earliest avenues from time immemorial for God to bless his children is by giving acceptable offerings.

The bible commands that we not just give only our money, time, service and resources as Christians but also our bodies as a living sacrifice unto God. Romans 12:1. Giving unto God is an everlasting way of invoking the blessings and prosperity of God upon his children just like Solomon did in his generation there is no person in history as wealthy or wise than Solomon in all the earth. 1 kings 3:4-15.

Spiritual blessing is of great importance to a Christian, this is usually a result of giving an acceptable offering unto the Lord. The New Testament also gives us guidelines on how a Christian must give and how God rewards his act of giving and the giver. Acts 10:1-4, Luke 8:38, 2 Corinthians 9:5-13.philippians 4:18, Matthew 6:1-2, acts 4:33-37

Biblical Characteristics of an acceptable offering of a Christian

  1. An acceptable offering is not given to get something from God but to show gratitude and thanksgiving unto God. Judges 13:15-20, Matthew 8:1-4, Philippians 4:6.
  2. An acceptable offering is given cheerfully and willingly. 2 Corinthians 9:7, 8:12-15.
  3. An acceptable offering is void of sin or iniquity. Numbers 18:32.
  4. An acceptable offering is offered in fulfillment of the commandments of the word of God and timely. Exodus 25:1-2.
  5. An acceptable offering is either an offering or service rendered unto the Lord not grudgingly but faithfully.  2 Corinthians 9:6-8.
  6. An acceptable offering makes God rebuke the devourer for our sake Malachi 3:10-11.
  7. Acceptable offering always honour God.  Proverbs 3:9-10.
  8. An acceptable offering unto the Lord draws the attention of God towards the giver. Mark 12:41-44.
  9. Acceptable offering towards God always destroys curses, evil occurrences and ultimately stops the wrath of God. Genesis 8: 18-22, numbers 16:47-50,2 Samuel 24:20-25.
  10. An acceptable offering is the best of our sacrifices and also according what we have. 2 Corinthians 8:12, numbers 25-32.

Consequences of a rejected offering to a Christian

  1. It can lead to instant judgment of the Holy Spirit. Acts 5:1-11.
  2. It can invoke curses and wrath of God upon a person.  2 Chronicles 26:18-21, Isaiah 1:10-17.
  3. It can cause a person to experience instant death, sickness or diseases. Acts 5:5,10.
  4. It gives the devil a chance to torment the Christian in his work, body and spirit.


God is still in the business of blessing his children today especially Christians and this avenue is knowledgeable to only a few Christians today. If you want your offering to be acceptable before God then you must fulfill all the commandments and the instructions God has given inorder to be blessed through our offerings. 1 Samuel 15:22-26

Our offering which could be our bodies, service or resources used as an offering for the Lord and for his work must be Holy and sanctified for the Lord’s use continually.

I pray that after this teaching on acceptable offering unto the Lord as an avenue for his blessing, you shall have an undeniable testimony and prosperity, In Jesus Name, Amen. 3 John 1:2, Ecclesiastes 11:6



Christ life pattern and biblical teachings in the relationship of a Christian with the world

Text: 2 Corinthians 6:14-16, 1 John 2:14-15, Romans 12:2


In Matthew 5:14-16; the Lord Jesus described us as the light of the world and he expects us to shine bright before men, it is our works that will show our shining to the world which will glorify God in Heaven. Our Lord Jesus related with the world like an alien that just came to fulfill a task of saving the world from condemnation and judgment ( 1 timothy 1:15,john 3:17) and not to be carnally yoked with the world because he was not of this world (John 8:23, 15:19; 16:28)

In the life and teachings of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, we learn how our Lord Jesus related with the world. We have been sent as sheep in the midst of wolves into the world, henceforth we should not mix with the world in our relationship Matthew 10:16; the world has moved into the church and the church is now in the world.

As Christians in the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) we are not just expected to be pray and know the word of God but above that to reflect the life and pattern of the teachings of Jesus on how we dress, talk and live our daily lives. Many live a double faced life; their personality outside the church which conforms to the world which is opposite to their personality in the church. Romans 12:2.

We are warned by the writings of Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 6:14-16 not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers; certainly there is no agreement between righteousness and unrighteousness or communion of light with darkness.

6 dangerous things a believer must avoid when relating with the world.

  1. Lust of the flesh: The lust of the flesh is inherited from the adamic nature and it only leads to death. The lust of the flesh only shows that you have entangled yourself with the world. 1 john 2:16
  2. The lust of the eyes: The lust of the eyes is majorly the attraction for the lust of the flesh; the world and its pleasures are tempting and a believer might be lured to such pleasures found in the world through mingling with the world. 2 timothy 4:10, 1 john 2:16.
  3. The pride of life: The pride of life is the vain goals or pursuit in life that is entangled with the world and has no benefit. Many times we envy the pursuit of the people of the world and their vain goals and this has led many to agreements that undermine the spiritual efficacy of their salvation; 1 Timothy 6:17a, 1 john 2:16.
  4. Darkness of the world: the darkness here is not the physical darkness but the spiritual aura of darkness of sin and iniquity bound in this world, Isaiah 60:2, Ephesians 6:12b
  5. The things of the world: when relating with the world it is important not to keep the property of the world in your possession, this property can be likened to sin because the prince of the world will use it as an avenue to manipulate a believer. 1 john 2:15, John 14:30
  6. The wisdom and friendship of this world: the world has its own conceited wisdom which only is foolishness before God, when relating with the world be careful not to indulge with the craftiness off the wisdom of the world. James 4:4b, 1 Corinthians 3:19-21.

Evangelist Oyewole .A Ojo



Divine Restoration Whatsapp Bible Study Outline

Topic: uncommon favour to fulfill your vision by God’s hand

Text: Nehemiah 2:1-8, proverbs 29:18


Uncommon favour is what a man needs to have a distinguished success and excellence in his path to greatness. You can have a vision but if you lack the divine favour of God that only the hand of God can give, that vision cannot be fulfilled to its full capacity. Genesis 39:21

What is a vision?

Vision is simply a mental picture to anticipate possible future events and developments. A visionary who wants to fulfil his vision needs the help of his maker and giver of his vision from the almighty visionary of the heavens and the earth.

Nehemiah in the bible was a perfect example in scriptures who had a vision and enjoyed uncommon favour from king artaxerxes in the shushan palace because of God’s hand was upon him. Nehemiah 2:1-8, 18.

How to enjoy uncommon favour by the hand of God to fulfil your vision (Nehemiah as case study)

  1. Don’t rejoice when the work of God and the people of God are in affliction and reproach: when hanani one of the brethren from Judah came to see Nehemiah in the palace and he was sad because Jerusalem and the remnant of great affliction and reproach. Nehemiah 1:1-3
  2. Let your vision and aspiration be towards the God of heaven alone, sustained through fasting with praying equipped adequate diligence in planning and inspiration. Nehemiah 1:4, 11, Habakkuk 2:2-3,proverbs 13:4
  3. If you want to enjoy the uncommon favour by the hand of God to fulfil your vision then you must keep the commandment, statues, judgments of the Lord and his word, most importantly don’t deal corruptly with the Lord and the people around you. Nehemiah 1:7.
  4. Be redeemed by the great power of God through Jesus Christ so that the strong hand of God can be upon you. Nehemiah 1:10, 1 peter 1:18-20, Isaiah 43:1.
  5. Don’t allow the enemies of your vision discourage your vision like sanballat the horonite and tobiah the ammonite tried to discourage Nehemiah. Nehemiah 2:10; 4:1-3, proverbs 19:18.
  6. Fight for your vision, and do all you can to protect your vision like Nehemiah did to protect his vision. Nehemiah 3:5,4:4, Acts 26:19


You need the uncommon favour of God to fulfil your vision and you need diligence and hardwork from your part to get it to fruition. Psalm 102:13, proverbs 10:4 Without Jesus Christ a vision can fall prey to destiny robbers and thieves therefore let the Hand of God be upon you John 10:9-11. Lazy and mockers don’t have the hand of God upon them because they don’t have any vision to fulfil neither do they have anything to offer to mankind and to God Almighty.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Evang. Oyewole Ojo


Help of the heavenly king

Text: Nehemiah 2:1-9, psalm 121:1-2, proverbs 21:1


Taking a cue from the story of Nehemiah the son of hachaliah who was in shushan palace. Nehemiah was a Jew in captivity; he was a butler to king artaxerxes which he usually gave wine to the king.

He needed help to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and the gates which were burnt during invasion and the remnant of the people left of the captivity were in great affliction and reproach (Nehemiah 1:1-3)

After several days of prayers and fasting to the God of Heaven, Nehemiah sought help from king artaxerxes to send him to Judah the city of his Father’s sepulchers that he would rebuild it.

The God of heaven gave him the favour he needed and he granted help to Nehemiah to go to Jerusalem alongside giving him letters to the governors beyond the river and letter to Asaph the keeper of the king’s forest for beams of timber to be used to build the fort that guards the temple and for the city walls and for the house he was to live in during his stay in Jerusalem.

Now if the earthly gentile king can be magnanimous to help a captive like Nehemiah in rebuilding an already conquered territory like Jerusalem in Nehemiah 2:8, how much more our heavenly king who is the King of Kings and lord of Lords will give help to his children who he bought with the precious blood of his Son Jesus Christ on the cross at calvary.

Who is this Heavenly king?

This Heavenly King called the King of kings was well known to king David of Israel as seen in his confession in psalm 121 verse 2 that his help comes from the Lord which made the Heaven and earth.

In Daniel 4:37, king Nebuchadnezzar had a divine encounter with the king of heaven when he went on exile to the fields with the beast for seven years, he literally praised, honored and extolled the king of Heaven.

From the Old Testament the heavenly king was known to many both Jews and gentile kings like Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4:34-37) and king Cyprus of Persia (Ezra 1:2). Our Lord Jesus in his descent to earth showed us the heavenly king and the extent of his love for us in the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-10.

This heavenly king was seen by Deacon Stephen in his last day on earth before his stoning by Saul and his accusers in Acts 7:55-60.

How to receive help from this Heavenly king?

From the scriptures the word of God has given us critical steps to take inorder to receive help from this Heavenly King, who happens to be our Father in heaven. We shall take a few:

  1. By coming to him through his Son Jesus Christ: if you need help from the heavenly king who is also your eternal father, you need to come through his only Son Jesus Christ (john 14:6), he has promised us in John 16:23-25 that whatever we ask the Father in his name, he shall do it so that our joy will be full. C.f john 15:7, 14:13-14.
  2. Simply ask the Heavenly king in prayer: the heavenly king wants us to ask for his help, he is always willing and ready to give us his help whenever we ask him in prayers. Matthew 21:22.

Daniel is a good example of a man who did not hesitate to ask the Heavenly king in Daniel 2 when the king made a decree to kill all the wise men if the dream he had when he slept could be known to him, Daniel in verse 18 asked for the help of the God of heaven and the God of Heaven who is also the King of Heaven revealed unto him the secret of the heavenly king and this began the cycle of help from the earthly kings during the lifetime of Daniel.

  1. By worshipping and praising him for his sovereignty: In Thyatira when Paul and Silas went to preach the gospel to them, they were put in the prison after some people rose up against them, but at midnight when they sang praises and prayed unto God, suddenly there was an earthquake and the foundations of the prisons shook and all the chains of all the prisoners were loosed and the prison doors opened. Acts 16:16-35.
  2. By sacrificial offerings and tithes: the heavenly king is provoked into helping you when you give sacrificially either in offerings, service and tithes. Solomon provoked the help of the heavenly king by sacrificial offering in Gibeon, he offered a thousand offering upon the altar and this provoked God to ask him what he wanted that night. 1 kings 3:3-15.



The Heavenly king loves you and desires to help you in all areas of your life, but his children and princes on earth are still ignorant to the help of their heavenly king.

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith [it is] impossible to please [him]: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and [that] he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

It is difficult to receive help from this heavenly king without faith; if you must come to the heavenly king then you must believe he is the heavenly king and the rewarder of those that meticulously seek him.

The earthly king cannot help you if the heavenly king does not favour you in their sight because the scripture confirms it in proverbs 21:1.

I pray for you today that you shall receive help from the heavenly king that will make earthly kings to serve and favour you, In Jesus name, Amen.

In conclusion, whatsoever help you desire from the Heavenly king in the name of Jesus must be given to you and no one will be able to take it away from you.

Topic: Importance of Giving To the Christian: Biblical Teaching On Giving In Reference To Offering

Text: exodus 35:21- 29, Corinthians 8:9-15, 2 Corinthians 9:6-7


Furthermore on Christ biblical teaching on giving; in the previous weeks we have expounded on the truths in reference to tithe and firstfruits. We shall study the aspect of giving as it relates to offering. One of the earliest forms of giving to God is offering and this is a form of sacrifice to God, reference is made to Genesis 4 where Cain and Abel brought offerings unto God, the Lord respected the offering of Abel but rejected that of Cain. According to a bible dictionary it defines offering as a physical element a worshipper brings to a deity to express devotion, thanksgiving or the need of forgiveness.

In our present day church, offering is known to be the collection of a financial contribution to a church, often made during a church service. In relation to this topic we shall examine what God expects of a Christian to giving of offerings unto God in fulfillment of his Christian obligations.

Our offerings unto God and to his work is an unblockable channel for blessing and supernatural provisions and it always comes back to us. Luke 6:38.proverbs 11:24-25, Ecclesiastes 11:1. Non-payment of offering is basically robbing God, Malachi 3:8


Offerings in the old and new testament

An organized system of offering was not used in the Old Testament until the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, offerings unto God was made right from ordination of priest to the consecration of the altars; offerings were collected in the building and dedication and running of the temples and tabernacles in the old testament: we shall take a brief look at some of these offerings:

  • Burnt offering:  an animal for the sacrifice could be a young bull, goat, turtledove, pigeon or lamb; whatever that is chosen to be offered must be perfect and complete without blemish. The type of animal chosen to be sacrificed must be dependent on the financial capacity of the person who brings the offering. Numbers 28-29, Numbers 6:10-11, Leviticus 15:14-15;29-30,Leviticus 12:6-8,ezra 3:3-6,
  • Peace offering: this sacrifice is offered by slaughtering a bull, cow, lamb or goat with no defect. Usually a peace offering was brought as a response to an unexpected blessing (thanks offering), an answered prayer (vow offering) or a freewill offering to show gratitude or thanksgiving to God. Leviticus 7:11-21;28-36.
  • Grain and drink offering: this type of offering is offered from the harvest of the land and this is the only form of offering that requires no bloodshed. A portion of this offering was burnt on the altar while the remaining part was given to the priest. Grain offering and drink offerings accompanied all burnt offering and peace offerings. Numbers 15:3-10,
  • Offering unto the Lord for the work of the house of the Lord and governing of the affairs of the work of God. Exodus 35:21-29

Others are the sin offering and guilt offering.

In the New Testament consistently describes the death of Christ in sacrificial terms and this is where the sacrificial death of Christ on the cross is much more superior to the Levitical system of offering; Hebrews 10:1-19.ephesians 5:2. The New Testament supported the act of giving and we shall see a few instances

  • Alms giving and offertory in the house of God: the scriptures gives us guidelines on giving and how to ensure we give inorder to be rewarded by our Father In Heaven Matthew 6:1-4,mark 12:41-44
  • Collections for the saints: according to the epistle of Paul to the Corinthians, he wrote about the collection of the saints  at the churches at Galatia, apostle Paul admonished to give on the first day of the week  as God has prospered them; 1 Corinthians 16:1-2.
  • Paul admonished that giving should be from a willing mind and god will accept their offering on the basis of what they give and not what they don’t have. 2 Corinthians 8:9-15
  • Paul admonished the brethren to give offerings like sowing and those that give sparingly shall reap sparingly and those that give bountifully shall reap bountifully; more especially not grudgingly but cheerfully; 2 Corinthians 9:6-7.
  • Acts 20:35 apostle Paul says it is more blessed to give than to receive, giving should become a habit and a lifestyle.

Principles and importance of offering for Christian giving

  1. The bible teaches that Christians must give their offering cheerfully; Brother Paul teaches that God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7. The bible teaches us that we must give our offerings willingly meaning free-giving.
  2. Jesus Christ commanded us to give towards a right cause and with good motives and not to be admired by people. Matthew 6:1, Mark 12:41-44.
  3. Our lord and saviour Jesus expects his followers and disciples to give as seen in Matthew 6:2, Luke 6:38.
  4. Christian giving of offering unto the Lord is an act of worship to God and our giving is to our Father in heaven; Matthew 6:3-4, 1 Corinthians 16:2.
  5. Christian giving of offering must be done according to our means and financial strength and not with a heart of show-off, 2 Corinthians 8:12,
  6. Christian giving of offering must be done in  the proportion the Lord has given us; 1 Corinthians 16:2, 2 Corinthians 8:3,12
  7. The bible commands and admonishes that we should use our offerings to further and support the work of God faithfully. Ezra 2:69,
  8. The bible encourages us not to come before the presence of God empty but with an offering. Deuteronomy 16:16.
  9. Your offering must be the best and from your best unto the Lord and with a joyful heart. 2 chronicles 29:9


Topic: Christ parables and its application lessons to Christians

Text: Matthew 13:1-11, mark 4:1-1-13


Inorder to get a vivid understanding of this theme, we need to know what parables mean as it relates to scriptures. During the period of the earthly ministry of Jesus, the four gospels records that when he went about preaching and teaching; Jesus often and frequently made use of parables. See Matthew 13:1-3, 10-14, 34-35. Many of the remembered saying of Jesus are his parables and it consists of one-third of the recorded teachings in parables.

What Is A Parable?

Parable in the Greek word is parabole meaning ” to place beside or to cast alongside”. Parables are short simple stories used to illustrate a moral or religious lesson.  Wiersbe’s description of a parable is as a story that places on thing beside another for the purpose of teaching ; a parable also puts the known next to the unknown s we may learn.

Parables are stories ascribed to Jesus Christ in the bible. Parables have been used in the bible especially from the Old Testament Job 27:1 and our Lord and saviour Jesus used parables to provide a kind of vision for life as it relates to the kingdom of God. Parables sometimes are applied for the purpose of comparison or deriving a new understanding about a subject. The four gospels of the New Testament gives us the accounts of the parables of Jesus and their lessons.

How Were Parables Used In The New Testament?

Parables were used as story or narrative drawn from nature or human behaviors or situations; more especially parables were used to make comparison for spiritual lessons such as comparing earthly stories with heavenly meanings.

Why Did Jesus Teach In Parables?

Why did Jesus choose in some instances to speak in parables rather than be straightforward with his explanation on a teaching as seen in Matthew 13:10-11; we shall see a few of such reasons below:

  1. Jesus spoke in parables to hide or conceal a meaning or interpretation because of the hardness of the hearts of the people. Matthew 13:10-17,
  2. Jesus spoke in parables so that he would later explain the interpretation in private to his disciples. Matthew 13:11, Mark 4:33-34.
  3. Jesus spoke in parables inorder to fulfill the prophecy  of prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 6:9,which was fulfilled in the gospel of Matthew 13:14
  4. Jesus chose to teach in parables inorder to separate those looking for the truth (Matthew 13:36) from the curious people who will be sent away.
  5. Jesus used parables to bring and carry out the divine judgment of God. Matthew 13:12
  6. Jesus also spoke in parables inorder to reveal the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 13:34-35
  7. Jesus spoke in parables also inorder to speak against the chief priest and scribes Luke 20:19.

What To Avoid When Interpreting Parables

  1. Don’t seek to find spiritual truths in every little detail of a parable
  2. Don’t conclude that there is only one spiritual truth in each parable.

Some Of The Parables Of Jesus Christ Seen In The Four Gospels

New cloth or an old coat        Matthew 9:16, mark 2:21, Luke 5:36

New wine in old wineskin       Matthew 9:17, mark 2:22, Luke 5:37-38

Lump on a stand                     Matthew 5:14-15,

Wise and foolish builders       Matthew 7:24-27, Luke 6:47-49

Money lender forgive unequal debts             Luke 7:41-43

Servants must remain watchful                      Luke 12:35-40

Wise and foolish servant        Luke 12:42-48

Rich man foolishly builds bigger barns          Luke 12:16-21

Sower and type of soils                       Matthew 13:3-8,18-23,mark 4:3-8,14-20,Luke 8:5-8,11-15

Weeds among good plants (kingdom of heaven)       Matthew 13:24-30,36-43

Growing seed (kingdom of Heaven)   Mark 4:26-29

Mustard seed (kingdom of Heaven)               mark 13:31-32,4:30-32,luke 13:18-19

Yeast (Kingdom of Heaven)                Matthew 13:33 Luke 13:20-21


Evang. Oyewole Ojo

Topic: Hand of God for Great Exploits

Text: Daniel 11:32


The Lord we serve has some figurative representation like the hand of God or the finger of God. In Exodus 8:19 we read the confession of the magicians of pharaoh about the finger of God because they could not replicate a wonder the Lord did in the hands of Aaron. If the finger of God could make Aaron do great exploits before the magicians of Egypt and pharaoh, how much more can the hand of God empower us to do great exploits?

Exploits according to dictionary meaning is to use something for benefit that is to use or develop something in order to gain a benefit.

If you want to do great exploits then you must be on the side of God and in his army that is the only condition for doing great exploits. It is the hand of God that brings both divine and earthly opportunities that you need to do great exploits and Prophet Daniel admonished us that the hand of God will make you strong and do exploits, Daniel 11:32b

Impartation of the hand of God for great exploits

  1. The hand of God makes you strong against your enemy: one major hindrance the children of God have is resistance from their accusers, mockers and those that envy them, it is the hand of the Lord that make you stronger than your enemy and also make you a terror to your enemies. Genesis 35:5
  2. The hand of the lord makes you creative and inventive: God created the heavens and the earth with his hands so when his hand is on you will do great exploits. {Psalm 102:25} We read of king Uzziah in the scripture that when the hand of God was with Uzziah he did great exploits and inventions in his time. 2 Chronicles 26: 1-15.
  3. The hand of God when it does great exploit for you, simultaneously it shall be for judgment against your enemies ,looking at an example when a sorcerer named elymas  wanted to hinder the exploits of Paul and the hand of God for great exploits on Paul was for great judgment on elymas. Exodus 7:4; Acts 13:6-11
  4. The hand of God gives you unusual strength to do what is unnatural by mankind: the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah and he ran ahead of King Ahab who rode on a horse to jezreel. 1 Kings 18:45-46
  5. The hand of the Lord helps you to make the best  decisions: the hand of the Lord upon you will help you to maximize opportunities that life presents to you
  6. The hand of the lord will distinguish you among others: the hand of the Lord was on John the Baptist from birth and he was distinguished among the other children in Israel during his time. Luke1:66.
  7. The hand of the Lord will empower you to do the will of God: when the hand of God comes upon you, you will not struggle to pray, fast, read the bible or worship God; the hand of God makes your service to God meaningful and fruitful with divine enablement. John 4:23-24.


If you desire to do great exploits in all phases of your life both physically and spiritually then you need the hand of God upon you, wherever the hand of God is there must be divine enablement and capacity for victory and conquest.2 Samuel 22:29-49

A life of sin and disobedience removes or reduces the power of the hand of God on the life of a person for great exploits {1 Samuel 15:22, Hebrews 8:9}; therefore stay in the will and confines of God to enjoy his hands for great exploits (Romans 8:31}.

Therefore do you need to achieve great exploits in your marriage, business, or career, then you need the unusual hand of God upon you, this has been made possible through Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour 2 Peter 1:3,1 Timothy 6:17-19.

In conclusion, you must know and serve the Lord first before his hand can be on you for exceedingly great exploits and my prayer for you is that you shall do great exploits to God without limitations, In Jesus name, Amen.

Evang. Oyewole Ademola Ojo

Christ’s Sermon On The Mount

Love Of Enemies

Text: Matthew 5:38-48


From the previous weeks in this month of June we have been learning the sermon of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ on the mount and it comprises of about 21 lessons in the gospel of Saint Matthew chapters 5 to 7.

We shall be dealing with the sub-titled love for enemies; our Lord Jesus said many things which were in contrast to the Law of Moses and according to the Jewish law was strange to the Jews. The Jews previously only showed love to those who showed love to them and they showed hatred or revenge towards their enemies. Inorder to communicate the message properly we need to understand two words “love” and “enemy”.

What is love?

Based on the applicable definition of love and it relates to this topic; we could define Love as feeling tender affection for somebody such as a close friend or relative or for something such as an animal place or ideal.

If you claim to love the way God requires you to love then you must fulfill the conditions and following the exemplary action of love stated in 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, any omission is no longer the love God expects.

Who is your enemy?

Regarding the topic before us I would like to define an enemy using a dictionary meaning as an unfriendly opponent who hates or seek to do harm to a person.

From the scriptures in Ephesians 6:12; we are made to know that our enemy is not flesh and blood but spirits and fallen angels; this is why the bible does not expect us to hate our neighbours in flesh and blood but love them unconditionally.

The topic before us therefore excludes these two types of enemies and should not be loved which are death (1 Corinthians 15:26) and the devil and his demons (Revelation 12:10)

The rudiments of Christ Sermon on the Mount that relates to loving our enemies:

  • No more an eye for an eye (Matthew 5:38-42): our Lord Jesus Christ was quoting the Mosaic Law which is read in exodus 21:23-25(C.f Leviticus 24:17-21, Deuteronomy 19:21) Jesus knew that the laws of Moses was against showing love for enemies especially those who hurt or showed intention of hurt. Our Lord Jesus wants the believer to show more tolerance to his enemy rather than having the spirit of vengeance and retaliation.  C.f Romans 12:17-21
  • Love your enemy (Matthew 5:43-44): the lord Jesus commanded us to do what is so difficult and nearly impossible with the flesh, he commanded us to love our enemies and bless them that curse us. The Mosaic Law states that you should love your neighbour and hate your enemies but the grace of God has overturned that as seen in verse 44.
  • The example of our Father in Heaven (Matthew 5:45-47): Our lord Jesus Christ makes us to understand that if we love our enemies and bless those that curse us then we are simply following the examples of our Father in Heaven who also makes the sun to rise on both the good and evil and the  rain on both the just and unjust.
  • Be perfect like your Father in Heaven (Matthew 5:48): this is the final commandment of Matthew 5, perfection is impossible without the Holy Spirit and the obedience to the word of God through  salvation by Jesus Christ. You must strive for perfection (2 Corinthians 13:11 GNB) Therefore if you keep the whole law but you offend in one law then you are guilty of all; James 2:10.



We are admonished to love our enemies, bless them that persecute us and not to curse them as seen in Romans 12:14-21.

Therefore if you want to love your enemy as Christ as commanded, then you have to receive the mind of Christ (Romans 12:2, Ephesians 4:23-24) and also experience the new birth in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:17) inorder to produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23); without the initial requirements, loving your enemy will be an impossible task to achieve.

Finally I admonish you in the words of Apostle Paul that follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14.

Evang. Oyewole Ademola Ojo

Topic: The deliverance of God’s people from their enemy

Text: Obadiah 1:17

  1. Introduction: God’s people may suffer affliction from their enemies but enemies of God’s people will not go unpunished, God will deliver his people from their enemy and take vengeance over their enemies at last.
  2. Author: the writer of this book is called Obadiah, this name ‘’Obadiah’’ means servant of the lord. From the nature of the book, we would conclude that Obadiah was patriotic to his people and thus he had great consternation towards Edom for which they had historically done towards Israelites in their time of calamity.


Lesson: intimate friend today or blood relative can turn to be an enemy of each other tomorrow.


  1. Date: the book was written at a time when the Israelites were suffering at the hands of the Assyrians. It was a time when Jerusalem had been plundered and edomites seems to have taken part in the plundering (Ob. 11). They took delight in the hardships of the people conspiring with the enemies of Israel (Ob. 12). At one time when the enemies of Israelites were fleeing their oppressors, the edomites blocked their escape and sold them into the slavery over their conquerors (Ob. 14)

Except for the final conquest of Jerusalem in 586BC by the Babylonians, it is difficult to determine the period of the national calamity during which Obadiah gave the message, the date and place of composition of this book were disputed.

  1. Historical background: the understanding o the historical relationship between Edom and Israel will help us alot to understand the animosity that edomites had towards the Israelites. Isaac had twin sons; Jacob and Esau (Gen 25:2-26) when the two boys were grown, by deceit Jacob obtained Esau’s birthright (Gen 25:27-34, 27:1-45). Thus was the beginning of Esau’s resentment toward his brother. It seem that Esau’s anger was passed on to his heritage that comes from his loins. Esau became father of edomites and Jacob the father of the Israelites. When Israelites came out of Egyptian captivity, they were admonished not to abhor their brethren, the edomites (Deut 23:7). However the edomites refused to allow Israel to pass through their land on their way to the promised land( Num 20:14-21). Nevertheless, God commanded Israel that they were not to take any o the territories of edomites (Deut 2:1-8). God even gave a provision that after three generations, an edomites could become an assembly of Israel (Deut 23:7,8). However because of the great animosity that the edomites harbored toward Israel, they were the continual antagonists of Israel. Therefore because of their evil behavior towards Israel, God condemned them to termination ad a nation. The irony off the confrontation between the edomites and the Israelites was in the appointment of herod in 30 BC by Octavian, Caesar of Rome, to be the king over Judean territories. Herod was a descendant of edomites.


Lesson from the above historical background

  • Rubbing others of his/her right may create an unresolved animosity and makes one an everlasting enemy to each other just like edomites and Israelites.
  • Harboring animosity against one’s fellow is evil that can lead to destruction at last.


  1. Outline of the book
  2. Title and introduction 1a
  3. Edom’s pride and God’s judgment over them.
  4. Reasons for Edom’s judgment. 10-14
  5. God will judge all nations but deliver Israel from edomites their enemy. v 15-21.


  1. Title and introduction Ob. 1a

In Ob. 1a, the Obadiah prophecy is called a vision, this is a term used to speak of revelation of nature of the prophet’s insight into the meaning of a particular historical events. Here the word vision means the Obadiah prophetic insight into the animosity between edomites and Israelites.


  1. Edom’s pride and God’s judgment over them

Edomites lived in a mountainous territory, so they thought they were perfectly secured to the extent that no other nation could overcome or capture them, they were very proud of themselves as most powerful nation that could not experience doom because of the pride, God pronounced destruction up on them which would be accomplished at the due time.



  • Don’t be proud, because pride goes before destruction.
  • No powerful man or nation is above God’s judgment especially when you go out of God’s cover


  1. Reasons for Edom’s judgment v10-14

Edom and Israel were blood brothers they were twin sons of Isaac. Edom stood aloof from Judah and ailed to help their brethren when strangers (probably the armies off Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC) sacked Jerusalem. Inspite of blood ties with Israel, they behaved like the invading army of strangers. The edomites looked on with malicious satisfaction in the day of Israel’s misfortune. They even joined in the looting of Jerusalem (v 14) Edom’s treachery towards Judah reached its extremity by refusing to receive refugees from Jerusalem after its destruction.


  1. God will judge all nations but deliver Israel from edomites their enemy (15-21)

The day of the lord mentioned in vs. 15a was a great day of calamity that came from the Lord on those against whom the Lord had set his judgment in this judgment against Edom, the judgment was more than a victory of one nation over another, it was against edomites race.

Ob. 17,stated that ‘’but on mount Zion will be deliverance’’ this means while God’s judgment will come upon all the nations then and most especially over edomites, Judah will be spared of the judgment because they belong and remained faithful to him. Judah’s land territory that has been taken by edomites shall be returned to them and they shall govern edomites their former enemy.



  • When God’s people remain in the covenant with them, no matter the power of the enemy that stands against them, the lord will deliver his people and judge their enemy.


Conclusion: no enemy can overcome people of God, for God will always be their deliverer.

Evang. Oyewole Ademola Ojo

The Parable Of Jesus Christ That Deals With Calling The Lost Sinner To Repentance.

Text: Luke 15:11-32, Luke 5:29-32


Our Lord Jesus used some parables to speak about the lost returning to God in repentance and ultimately forsaking their sins. Our Lord Jesus gave his entire life and ministry to preaching the gospel first to the lost sheep of Israel (Matthew 10:6-7) and then to the gentiles. He used parables to explain and buttress the significance of repentance and the place of God to pardon and forgive all sins and trespasses.

The Hebrew word for parable is “masal” and the Greek word used to translate masal is “parabole”. Jesus spoke three important parables that centers on repentance and forgiveness of a sinner which are the parable of the lost son – Luke 15:11-32, the parable of the lost coin – Luke 15:8-10 and the parable of the lost sheep – Luke 15:3-7.

Today we shall treat the parable of the lost son, its analysis, application and lessons learnt.

Parable of the prodigal son

The parable of the prodigal son is also known as the parable of the lost son. The word prodigal means “reckless” or “wasteful” and it greatly speaks about someone who is carelessly misusing something of great value. In Luke 15:13. we see that this parable of the prodigal son gives an accurate description of the young man who wasted his inheritance and possession with riotous living.

The parable of the lost son compared to the parable of the lost coin and parable of the lost sheep was used by the Lord Jesus to silence the Pharisees and scribes who were uncomfortable with the friendship of Jesus with sinners. Luke 15:1-2.

Our Lord Jesus used this parable to tell us the extent of the Love of God towards a repentant soul. This parable centers on forgiveness. This parable illustrates to a great extent God’s love towards a sinner; this parable can be found in the gospel of Luke 15:11-32.

Analysis on The Parable Of “The Prodigal Son”

  1. Younger son leaves home Luke 15:11-13
  • The younger son asks his father to give him his portion of the inheritance allocated to him.
  • Like so many impatient people today, the younger son desired to be free from parental restraints and desired to have his father’s inheritance “now”
  • The Father grants his younger son his request and the younger son takes off to a distant country.
  1. Life of the younger son abroad – Luke 15:13b-19
  • With riotous, wasteful and careless living, the younger son soon depletes his possessions.
  • His situation was in poverty complicated by a famine that arose in the country
  • He gives himself up for hire to feed pigs – the Jews consider feeding pigs unclean and degrading for a Jew. Leviticus 11:7
  • With hunger that was so great, the younger son would have gladly eaten what was given to swine.
  • He finally comes back to his senses by recalling how well fed his father’s servants at home and how they had plenty to eat while he was dying of hunger.
  • His resolve to return back home inorder to Confess his sin against heaven and his father, Confess his unworthiness to be called his father’s son and finally to be made lower than the servants of his Father
  1. Younger son returns Home –Luke 15:20-32
  • From a great distance, the father sees him and He was welcomed by his father Luke 15:20-24
  • His father had compassion, ran to greet his son, throws his arm around his son’s neck and kisses him.
  • The younger son confesses his sin and his unworthiness to be called a son
  1. Rejected by his elder brother Luke 15:25-32
  • The elder son returning from the field wonders about the celebration was about then he was told by one of the servants.
  • He angrily refused to go in and then his father comes out to plead with him. The elder son complains about the number of years he has served his father and never transgressed his father will.
  • The father recognized the faithfulness off his elder son and reassures him that the remaining inheritances belongs to him

Application of the parable

  • The father represents our Father in Heaven (God).
  • The prodigal son coming home represents the penitent sinner.
  • The elder brother shows the behavior of the Pharisees and scribes (self-righteous).

Lessons learnt from the parable of the prodigal son

  • The first lesson to learn in this parable is that the love of our Father in Heaven for his children is infinite
  • Our father in Heaven yearns for a penitent heart ,It is right to make merry when a lost soul returns to the father in heaven
  • The faithful Child of God needs to understand the godly avenue to welcome a lost child who decides to return to God which is in love and not in jealousy. 2 Corinthians 2:6-8


Topic for discussion: What is salvation?
Sub topic: Are you truly saved? Salvation and New birth in Christ Jesus.
What is salvation?
Text: Hebrews 10:35-11:16, Ephesians 2:8-9
First thing you need to know is that without a saviour there is no salvation. Salvation is commonly known as the means or act of saving somebody or something from harm, destruction or failure.
There are different known types of salvation and their corresponding saviours such as Buddha, Mohammed, Sango, osun and many others but none of this can be compared to the salvation brought about by our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
In Christianity, salvation is the deliverance from the yoke and consequences of sin and death by crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Salvation plan of God
The salvation plan of God was orchestrated right from the Garden of Eden when man lost it due to sin by eating the forbidden tree of good and evil (genesis 3:1-7). Man lost the image and glory through its first parent Adam and eve and was in need of rescue from the consequences of the sin committed.
The salvation plan was therefore prophesied in genesis 2:15. This was fulfilled in Jesus birth, death and resurrection on earth for mankind as the last Adam the seed of a woman.
In john 1:29 john the Baptist proclaimed this plan to the whole world when he saw Jesus coming towards him saying: Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

This salvation plan was prophesied by many prophets in the bible about the salvation plan of God for mankind, prophets such as David, Moses, Isaiah, Micah.
Micah 5:2  But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, [though] thou be little among the thousands of Judah, [yet] out of thee shall he come forth unto me [that is] to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth [have been] from of old, from everlasting.
Isaiah 7:14  Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.
Psalm 22:18  They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture.

The plan of saving mankind by God started from the book of genesis 3:15 and was fulfilled at the cross at calvary in john 19:30.
Genesis 3:15  And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
God gave the whole world his only begotten; a member o the trinity of God, God gave himself as the sacrifice and the price for our sins, no angel could have died for the sins of mankind, they were not even holy enough to undertake this task. C.F John 3:3-19, Hebrews 4:14-16.
Rejecting this salvation of God through Jesus Christ is bringing the condemnation of God upon oneself.
Crucial ingredients of salvation
Text: Ephesians 2:8-9,Romans 6:23,Hebrews 10:35-11:6,Titus 2:11, Romans 10:14,
Salvation is by grace
Salvation is by faith
Salvation is a gift from God
Salvation is only through Jesus Christ



What salvation is not?
Salvation is not inherited: you do not inherit salvation from your earthly parents or guardian, salvation is a personal conscious decision and confession
Salvation is not healing: healing from a sickness or disease does not amount to salvation of your soul. Healing is for everyone either christian or unbeliever alike.
Salvation is not transferred: some believe that because anointing is transferred from one person to another then that amounts to salvation of their soul that is incorrect. Because a senior member or minister of God prayed and blessed you and transferred anointing or gift does not make you saved.
Salvation is not bought with money: salvation cannot be bought by money, the riches of the world is not enough to buy salvation of your soul.
Salvation is not by an angel: there is no angel in heaven that can make us saved, any of such angels will be a fallen angel that is out to deceive and destroy.
Salvation is not by calling or gift: your calling or gift does not mean you are saved, because you have a gift of healing, prophecy, singing, exhortation and any other kind; does not make you saved. Instead if you have these gifts and fail to surrender your life to Jesus Christ. You will only be a worker of iniquity.
Salvation is not through heavenly visitation: having an heavenly visitation by Jesus or an angel does not qualify you to be saved; this does not in any way guarantee salvation.
Salvation is not by regular church and revival attendance: some people believe that because they are attending church regularly and visiting revival programs that conclude their automatic salvation.
Salvation is not by obeying sacred orders: many people ignorantly believe they are saved because they partake in church rituals, obey sacred orders like communion, prayer vigils, then that make them saved.
Salvation is not by living or being born into a religious society or country: don’t be deceived by thinking you automatically have salvation because your mother gave birth to you in the church or in a holy pilgrimage.
Salvation is not by receiving a call into the ministry: being called into the ministry does not guarantee you automatic salvation; you need genuine salvation to be succeed in your chosen ministry or calling.

Salvation and New birth in Christ Jesus
Important Steps to salvation
Admit you are a sinner psalm 51:3
Confess your sins proverbs 28:13
Accept Jesus as your Lord and savior by confessing with your mouth and believing in your heart Romans 10:10.
Have faith and believe your sin has been forgiven. Romans 8:1
Don’t go back to your old ways Luke 9:62,2 timothy 4:10
Genuine Salvation is when you consider yourself as a sinner (psalm 51:2-5, Luke 15:21) and you show forth a heart meet for repentance. Without repentance from sin and wicked ways salvation is incomplete.
Apostle peter tells us that salvation is only through Jesus and that is the only name by which we can be saved. Acts 4:12


Concept of eternal security
The bible does not support eternal security largely than it gives us clues on how not to lose our salvation and that it is possible for a person to lose his salvation if he backslides or goes into apostasy.
1 Corinthians 9:25-27 gives us the personal confession of Apostle Paul on this topic of eternal security.
1Co 9:25  And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they [do it] to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible.
1Co 9:26  I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air:
1Co 9:27  But I keep under my body, and bring [it] into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

There are some scriptures in the bible that people confuse for eternal security but when they know the intention of the writer and the recipient of the letters, they would understand the meaning behind these words. Taking a look at 1 john 3:4-10 we see an example of a part of the scripture that might seem to support eternal security which depends on the intention of the writer.
1Jn 3:4  Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.
1Jn 3:5  And ye know that he was manifested to take away our sins; and in him is no sin.
1Jn 3:6  Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him.
1Jn 3:7  Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous.
1Jn 3:8  He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.
1Jn 3:9  Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.
1Jn 3:10  In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.

When we also take a look at Romans 8:1-3,we need this truth to know that apostasy and backsliding is real and happens to Christians, and anyone who  departs from the Lord either because of persecution, trials or tribulation is not fit for the kingdom of God.
Rom 8:1  [There is] therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.
Rom 8:2  For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.
Rom 8:3  For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh:

So from the above little scripture you can now conclude if truly you are saved and washed by the blood of the lamb indeed; when the Lord Jesus comes with his angels will you be taken up to Heaven when the trumpets of rapture sounds or when death comes and you transcend into eternity will you be welcomed into heaven or condemnation into eternal flames?
Discussion for the group
What does the bible define salvation?
What is the need for salvation for mankind?
What is the difference between sin, temptation and iniquity?
Name other false saviours the world recognizes?
Who is the role of God towards the salvation of mankind?
What is the role of Jesus towards the salvation plan for man?
How is one saved and how does salvation come?
What can you define eternal security as?
Do you agree with the concept of eternal security regards salvation?

Topic: Lord Deliver Me Out Of The Hand Of The Spoilers   fresh!

Text: Judges 2:16, 1 Samuel 14:48, Colossians 2:15, Matthew 12:29


A spoiler is anybody, force or agent that torments, afflicts and wrecks his victim. Another name for the spoiler is plunderer or robber.

Right from the Old Testament period, there have been oppositions to the people of God; we can call these oppositions as spoilers or plunderers. In judges 2:16 we read that the Lord raised deliverers such as Deborah, Samson, Gideon, Jephthah for Israel in the form of judges to deliver the people of Israel from spoilers.

In modern day Christianity, the spoilers have taken a very dynamic way of operating and this has made many Christian frustrated in their Christian journey. The chief spoiler of mankind today is the devil and this is confirmed in the scriptures, john 10:10; Glory be to God who gave us Jesus who has given us power to overcome the spoilers of our possessions and inheritance. Luke 10:18-19.

John 10:10a The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:

We thank God for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross which perfected our deliverance from the hands of the spoilers at no cost to us. This victory has made deliverance for the believer. The spoilers have spoiled many families, churches, nations and they have stolen many inheritances, glory, blessings, harvest from their legitimate owners, but as the Lord lives, you shall be delivered from your spoilers in Jesus name, amen.

Colossians 2:15 [And] having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.


  • The spoilers afflict their victims: the spoilers afflict their victims as long as they have not been liberated, they afflict their victims with hardship and hopelessness in adversity.. proverbs 1:11-13, Judges 4:3
  • The spoilers steal and devour inheritance and harvest:  the spoilers send their victims into the dens; mountains and caves so that they their harvest can be taken from them to be wasted and destroyed. Isaiah 42:22, Judges 6:2-5
  • The spoiler frustrates the effort of their victims: the  spoilers impoverish their victims and ensure that they don’t have the means to sustain  themselves judges 6:6
  • They spoil the poor: Isaiah 3:12-14, proverbs 22:22-23 tells us the vulnerable people who are spoiled are the poor and that the Lord will spoil those that spoil or rob the poor. Proverbs 24:15
  • The spoilers destroy their victims: the plunderers today after spoiling the resources of their victims are merciless and are ready to destroy their victims. Exodus 15:9.
  • The spoilers mock their victims shamefully; 2 kings 18:19-35.


  • Need for a deliverer: God through our Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate deliverer that can spoil those who plunder you and give you back in return all that has been taken from you. Jeremiah 30:16, Judges 14:19, Isaiah 17:14, Obadiah 1:17.
  • Need for prayer: you need to cry to God in prayer for deliverance from your spoilers till you are delivered and rescued. Isaiah 33:2, Judges 6:7-8.
  • Take an action: don’t just wait for deliverance but have a change of heart in repentance from your sins and iniquity because most times it is sin that causes us to be spoiled by the spoilers. Lay an ambush against your spoilers, Joshua 8:2, 1 Samuel 14:36.
  • Live a life of holiness and righteousness:  whenever we live righteous lives that will move God to keep the spoilers away from us. Isaiah 42:24
  • Pronounce judgment on your spoilers and become stronger than your spoilers. Job 22:28, Matthew 12:29, Matthew 18:18


It is the will of God that we and our possessions are at peace and away from spoilers, we can read in job 1:10, God truly blessed job and the works of his hands, the Lord also put an hedge of protection roundabout his house and over all he owned on every side. This is the basic truth that the Lord has the power to keep the spoilers away from you and the works of your hands. Psalm 119:162, Romans 11:26

The spoilers rejoice in the wailing of their victims, I don’t know where they have spoiled you either in your finances because you cannot gather the harvest of the labour of your hands, or in your health, or in your family and your children have been taken from you; you have been spoiled by the enemy spiritually. I pray that as you have read this message a fire will begin to burn in you to push you recover all that has been taken from you. Numbers 31:53

Jesus is the only saviour and deliverer that you need to spoil those that spoil you and ultimately collect all that was taken from you. Philippians 2:9-11, Luke 4:16, Galatians 1:4-5.

composed by oyewole ojo



TEXT: HEBREWS 6:17-20, MATTHEW 11:28, JOHN 16:33.


The world is in desperate times where there are diverse challenges facing humanity irrespective of religion, tribe, colour or race; 2 timothy 3:1. Humanity is searching for an anchor to calm the storms of life that is raging against her ship, but has failed to secure the true and correct anchor who is Jesus Christ. Matthew 11:28

It is in this desperate times, we need a divine help to give lasting solution and succor to every problems arising from the storms we are facing. Psalm 44:26

A man on a ship will not be surprised when the storms of the sea rages against his ship, it is his responsibility and choice to have an anchor on his ship that will help his ship when the tempest of the sea rises.


From the dictionary meaning, an anchor is used to secure a vessel or ship. An anchor in a ship is a mechanical device that prevents a vessel from moving against a raging storm. Acts 27:13 (GNB)

In Matthew 11:28,our Lord Jesus gave us a direct calling to give us rest from all storms of life raging against us; this passage mentioned above give us the assurance that Jesus is the only anchor a believer needs and our faith in God is our anchor chain or rope. Romans 1:17.

The storm in your life could be joblessness, unfruitfulness, famine, poverty, sicknesses, barrenness, fear, disappointment or whatever form it might be, don’t be discouraged nor dismayed because the anchor you need who is Jesus will calm  all the storms facing you today, in Jesus name, amen.  Isaiah 28:16,

For every anchor to be effective, it must be connected to the ship with a chain or rope; so therefore I want your faith to come alive and embrace Jesus to be the anchor for the ship of your life at no cost.


  1. Jesus calmed earthly storms: Mark 4:36-41. Our Lord Jesus Christ became the anchor for the ship he was travelling with his disciples. He calmed the raging storms by just speaking to it and they obeyed him instantly.
  2. Jesus calmed the storm of untimely death in the life of a widow: Luke 7:12-16, our Lord Jesus became the anchor for a widow who the storms of untimely death claimed the life of her only son. Jesus brought the boy back to life and delivered him back to his mother.
  3. Jesus became an anchor in the life of multitudes that the storms of sicknesses, diseases, demonic oppression were raging against them: Matthew 4:23-24; 8:16; 12:15, 22; Mark 1:34, 3:10. In the records of the four gospels we see that Jesus Christ was an anchor of healing, deliverance and breakthrough to multitudes that the storms of life were raging against them.
  4. Jesus Christ is our anchor against the storms of tribulation: john 16: 33. Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ assured us of his victory over the storms of tribulations of the life and he commanded us to be cheerful. C.f 1 John 4:4, 5:5, Matthew 28:18.
  5. Jesus is the anchor against the storms of condemnation: in John 1:29, john the Baptist declared that Jesus was the Lamb of God who will take away the sins of the world. Without Jesus Christ we would not be able to escape the raging storms of sin, lust and iniquity against mankind. Now we have deliverance from sin and hell because Jesus is our anchor and hope for eternal life with God in heaven. John 3:15-18; 5:24


Whatever form the storm of life may resemble in your life like barrenness, unfruitfulness, addiction, lack, poverty, sickness, hopelessness, fear and others, you need Jesus Christ the prepared anchor by God to give peace and calmness. Hebrews 6:17-20.

With Jesus Christ as the anchor of your ship of life, the raging storms in the world cannot sink your ship, it is impossible because God will never allow it to happen. Mark 4:36-37, Acts 2:24.

Furthermore he has assured us in his word that he would never leave us nor forsake us which means he would never allow the storms of life to subdue or sink our ship. Hebrews 13:5b, John 11:26, Romans 10:11.

Any other anchor other than Jesus Christ is only a mirage and will fail you when you least expect.

composed by Oyewole Ojo


TEXT: Philippians 2:5-9, 2 Corinthians 8:9


The bible defines humility as meekness, lowliness and self absence, Colossians 3:12. Humility is the quality of being modest, lowly or respectful; according to the scriptures our Lord Jesus is the only personality who perfectly qualifies complete humility.

It is worthy of note that Jesus is a person in the trinity and also is God the Son; through his love for mankind he humbly came to the earth to be born as a man by a virgin and lived an exemplary life of humility and meekness. 1 john 5:7, john 1:1-14.

Jesus served mankind even though he was practically a deity (Isaiah 9:6) and he never took any glory to himself except that which was given to him by his Father in heaven. John 12:28, 17:5.

Our Lord Jesus served his disciples throughout the time he was with them and he showed them practical humility even as their master and teacher.

Biblical references on Christ life of humility

  1. His descent (ancestral background): prophet Micah prophesied the birth of Jesus in Micah 5:2. He prophesied the birth of Jesus to Bethlehem, a least among the princes of Judah in the land of Israel, which was fulfilled in Matthew 2:5-6.
  2. His birth: Jesus was born in a manger where animals were kept. Luke 2:6-7; he also did not choose to be born in a palace or with a rich family of his time but became a carpenter’s son, Matthew 13:55.
  3. He did not acquire any property on earth for himself, not even a house of his own, Luke 9:58.
  4. He washed his disciple’s feet as a sign of humility. Humility was part of the lifestyle of Jesus and he taught peter and his disciples this lesson often times. John 13:3-17.
  5. Though Jesus is rich but he chose to be poor for our sake, so that through his poverty we might be rich. 2 Corinthians 8:9
  6. Even though Jesus was in the form of God, because of his journey to the cross, he endured shame and dropped all his glory and took the form of a servant with no reputation at all, he humbled himself in the likeness of a man, and he was obedient unto death. Philippians 2:6-8.
  7. He obeyed his Father in heaven; he did not act on his own will at any point in time on his journey on earth. John 6:38, Matthew 26:39.

Reflection and expectation of the humility of Christ’s life on a believer

  1. When we come to the Lord Jesus Christ as sinners; it is important that we come in a sense of humility. True humility produces godliness, contentment and security.
  2. Biblical humility is not only necessary to enter the kingdom of God; it is also a necessity to be great in the kingdom of God. Matthew 20:26-28
  3. Our Lord Jesus who is the believer’s model of humility. He came to serve and not be served; so therefore we must also be committed to serving others in lowliness of mind and heart. We must not esteem ourselves better than others. Philippians 2:3, Luke 22:26-27.
  4. A truly meek and humble Christian does not defend himself when badly treated or accused wrongly. He should defend the truth and never his self ego. Matthew 27:1-37,mark 15:1-20,luke 23:1-25,Isaiah 50:6,53:3-7.
  5. The Christian attitude of humility prevents selfish goals, ambitions, competitions that springs from self justification and self defense.
  6. From the humble life of Jesus Christ, we are admonished unconditionally to the father and as humble Christians, we must be willing to do away with all form of selfishness and pride, therefore be submissive to God and his word. James 1:21


Without any sense of doubt, Jesus Christ lived a life worthy of emulation by everyone, his acts of humility and meekness has passed through centuries and is still an attitude to imbibe by Christians today. John 13:15.

Jesus humbled himself before His earthly Father and mother and he obeyed them with no fault. Luke 2:51-52.

If we call ourselves Christians baptized and sanctified then we must exhibit fruits of humility and meekness like our master and Lord Jesus Christ our eternal model and example. Galatians 5:23, I timothy 6:11

I conclude by quoting Colossians 3:12 which says put on therefore, as elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering.

Purposeful Living: Essence Of A Mother’s Love  

For a child to fulfill destiny without hindrances and discouragement, a purposeful life is important for this mission and the love of a mother is essential for its ultimate success. From the book of John chapter 1 verse13 we see the major ways through which the purpose of a child could be born into this world; a child could be born by blood, by will of flesh, by the will of man and by God in the case of Jesus Christ.

John 1:13  Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

It is no mistake and a sincere action of God to induce the need of  purposeful children in the case of the birth of Samuel, Samson and the visitation of the mother of a child in the case of Jesus Christ who was conceived of the Holy Spirit(Matthew 1:20).

In the old tradition of Africans, before a child is born into a family, the parents of the child takes it as their sole responsibility to know the purpose or mission of the child on earth so it was a custom to visit an oracle such as an ifa priest to determine the purpose of the child’s life on earth.

In the book of Jeremiah 1:5, we read that God in heaven has an ultimate purpose for every man on earth whether male or female, it may be known or unknown to the individual concerned what this purpose is but at the right time it will either be sought out or it would manifest in the move of a divine agenda to make it known.

Jeremiah 1:5  Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, [and] I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

It is no mystery that God knows the purpose of your living even right from when you are in the womb of your mother; He is your creator and Father in Heaven who loves you even before you were conceived and born into this world

The mothers love is never compared to a nanny’s love or a concubine’s love, the Lord respects and makes references to the Love of a mother in the words of prophet Isaiah; Isaiah 66:12.

12  The LORD says, “I will bring you lasting prosperity; the wealth of the nations will flow to you like a river that never goes dry. You will be like a child that is nursed by its mother, carried in her arms, and treated with love.

We shall take a critical look at the lives of people in the bible who had significant births with divine purpose for living on earth and the roles their mothers played in fulfilling this purpose.

  1. Isaac: Sarah was married to Abraham she bore no child for him till she was very old in age when it was fully impossible for her to get pregnant and even give birth to a child. The Lord visited Abraham and Sarah in the company of two other angels, he promised to bless them with a child of promise; when Sarah was about 90 years (genesis 18), she gave birth to Isaac (genesis 21), Isaac was a child of promise from the Lord God to make Abraham a Father of many nations (Genesis 17:5). Isaac fulfilled his purpose for living from the Lord on earth that is why he is remembered in prayers or exhortation saying: “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”. Sarah ensured that the inheritance of Isaac was secured in the house of Abraham and would not be taken by Ishmael, the son of Hagar her Egyptian maid.
  2. Samson: In judges 13 we read about the birth of Samson to manoah, an angel from the Lord defined the purpose of the birth of Samson to his mother who was barren at that time. The child Samson was a nazarite from the womb unto God and was sent to deliver Israel out of the hand of the philistines. The God ordained purpose for the life of Samson was to deliver the Israelite from the oppression of the philistines. It is sad to say that the life given purpose of Samson was aborted by a prostitute named Delilah (judges 16) due to lust and disobedience. Samson’s mother played a vital role in the life of Samson from birth but Samson refused to heed her advice and call because he depended too much on his spiritual strength.
  3. Samuel: God heard the cry of Hannah who was barren with a male son and the Lord answered her request through the prophet Eli, Samuel was covenanted to the Lord by his mother before he was born and she kept to her promise. (I Samuel 1). Hannah made Samuel a little coat and brought it to him every year whenever she came to offer sacrifices with her husband 1 Samuel 2:19.
  4. Jesus: our Lord Jesus when he came to the earth enjoyed motherly care and his mother Mary played a vital role in the upbringing of Jesus inorder to fulfill his purpose for living. The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and explained the mystery behind the birth of Jesus as given in the account of Saint Luke chapter 1: 27-38. We see all through the first thirty years of the life of Jesus, his mother was significant in his ministry like we read of the miracle Jesus performed at the wedding at cana, his mother was instrumental for this miracle {john 2:1-11}.
  5. Timothy: Apostle Paul commended the effort of the mother of brother timothy, Eunice and his grandmother Lois, he remembered the part they played in the faith of timothy and how they taught him the Holy Scriptures since when he was young; 2 Timothy 1:5, 3:14-17.

Steps a godly mother must take inorder to fulfill the divine purpose for the life of her child:

  1. Pray and ask from the Lord the divine purpose of your child on earth from the womb, just like Rebekah enquired from the Lord in genesis 25:21-24, it is important to be prayerful to enquire the kind of life your child will live from the Lord before your child is born. It removes a lot of unnecessary worries and misdirection when the child is born and needs a path to follow.
  2. Love your child unconditionally: the responsibility of a godly mother is to show unconditional love to her children. Any woman who practices abortion has automatically aborted the purposeful life of her unborn child and she is guilty of not showing unconditional love to her offspring.
  3. Teach your child the commandments of the Lord and to know the Lord God: proverbs 22:6, Deuteronomy 11:1-19 give us an instruction, when we train a child in the way of the Lord, it would be difficult for him to turn away from it when he is old. It is important for mothers not just to read fairy-tales stories to their children at bedtimes but also bible stories so they can be acquainted with the word of God from their early years.
  4. Discipline your child: this is the most important training of a child, but make sure you correct a child in love and not with anger or abuse. The bible in proverbs 19:18 tells us to discipline a child while he is young enough to learn, because if you don’t, you are only helping him destroy himself. Proverbs 22:15 also tells us that foolishness is bound in the heart of a child and what we use to drive it out is the rod of correction.
  5. Teach your child how to pray and make intercession: this is what is lacking in many godly home. If you want to give a man fish; you take him to the river and teach him how to fish. In as much as you pray for your child effortlessly it is advised you teach him how to pray to the Lord himself and also be patient to receive answers to his prayers from the Lord so that he would not be deceived to visit herbalist and native doctors.
  6. Show godly examples to your child: it is paramount as a mother to not just be godly but also show godly examples practiced to her child, the child might forget the words of her mother but will never forget the examples her mother showed to her. Many mothers today practice the “do as I say” and not the “do as I do” method of teaching and exemplary lifestyle to their children.
  7. Never give up on your child: according to Isaiah 49:15, the word of the Lord makes us to understand that a mother can forget her sucking child and also fail to have compassion on the child of her womb. Some years ago, I went to the Red Cross orphanage home in Lagos with members of my church on a visit and we saw a large number of children who were abandoned by their mothers, some because of a man and others for flimsy reasons. If you exhibit this character in the past you have to make all effort to find that child and make restitution before it is too late.
  8. Give your child a befitting education: no matter what your child wants to be in life, support your child with a quality education. It is popularly said that education is the best legacy. Even footballers and tailors today need education to make a difference; education gives your child some form of respect in the society and it enhances the mental productivity of your child. Proverbs 4:13(GNB) says that always remember what you have learned and your education is your life so guard it well. Remember education begins from the home with the mother of the child as his first teacher. The best investment in a child is a good moral and a good secular and vocational education.
  9. Don’t deprive your child of a fatherly care: never turn the heart of your children against their fathers. A good mother will always try to reconcile both father and child whenever there is a break in relationship. When a child enjoys both care from his father and mother there is a probability he produces a balanced family when he is matured to have a family, read proverbs 4:1-4.

Now using my WIN STRATEGY for successfully having a positive purposeful life for your child:

W– Will the heart of your child to yourself by showing love and respect to him/her

I-Invest in the future of your child; the child you invest money, time and resources will yield immeasurably benefits for you and the Lord in the future.

N-Nurture your child physically, spiritually, and educationally so he won’t be a misfit in the society.



Topic: Justification

Text: Romans 4:25, 5:16-18; Romans 3:26; Galatians 2:16-17,


A sinner can never be justified in his sins only a repentant sinner washed by the blood of Jesus Christ will be justified by faith. You need to have a new birth in Jesus Christ inorder to achieve spiritual justification with God, (John 3).

According to bible theology, Justification is the action of declaring or making righteous in the sight of God.

Apostle Paul in his epistles to the Romans talked extensively about justification, justifier and being justified as it relates to a believer.

In Romans 3:10, it tells us that there is none righteous, not even one. Justification is possible after righteousness has been achieved in the sight of God.

The bible tells us in Romans 3:20-22 tells us that the law cannot justify us in the sight of God but the righteousness of God is on all those who believe only by faith in Jesus Christ.

Condemnation to sin and death is what is the result of the absence of justification to life and peace therefore justification is the kind act of God removing the guilt and consequence of sin thereby making a sinner righteous through the atoning sacrifice of Christ Jesus on the cross.(2 Corinthians 5:21)

Simply justification is the declaring of a person to be just or righteous.

Justification is a legal term with a meaning like acquittal and relating to religion justification is a process whereby a person is declared right before God.

The verbal translation meaning of “to justify” means “to declare righteous”.

The spiritual state of justification was not widely expository in the Old Testament because it was the period of the law but Job talked a little about it but it was yet incomplete in itself. Job 11:2, 13:18

What Justification entails:

  • We are justified by the grace of Jesus Christ also thereby making us heirs; Titus 3:7.
  • God is just and he is the justifier of a man which believeth in Jesus; Romans 3:26.
  • We are justified by the blood of Jesus no other blood can justify a man; Romans 5:9
  • Jesus was raised for our justification, we are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Jesus Christ; this means the atoning death of Jesus is critically important in our justification (Romans 4:25).
  • A man is justified by faith this brought about peace with God through Jesus Christ, Romans 5:1.
  • We are not justified by works or observing the law, Romans 3:28, Galatians 2:16.
  • We are made righteous by the saving work of Christ which is accepted by God to be righteousness, Romans 5:8-10.


It is therefore clear from the New Testament that justification comes to the sinner by the atoning work of Jesus with his blood shed on the cross which is applied by faith to a sinner by faith.

Justification is not the forgiveness of a man without righteousness, but a declaration that he possesses a righteousness which perfectly and forever meets the requirement of the law, which is Christ’s righteousness. 2 Corinthians 5:21, Romans 4:6-8.

Topic: Living in Light
Text: Psalm 56:13, John 8:12, Psalm 36:9, Ephesians 5:8
The spiritual understanding of this topic makes us to identify with two words “living” and “light”.
Living can be defined as the experience, condition or state of being alive; while light could be defined as the source of illumination or the condition of spiritual awareness.
So I will say that living in the light means being alive of one’s spiritual awareness in Jesus Christ.
The entrance of the word of God giveth light and understanding to the simple, if you want to be living in light then the Word of God must be actively present and manifesting in you. Psalm 119:130
God the creator of the Heaven and the earth did not create man to live in darkness. At the beginning the earth was without form and void. Genesis 1:1-5. It is the will of God for you to be living in light that is why he created two main light for the earth in the book of genesis 1:16,the sun which is the greater light to rule in the day and the lesser night the moon to rule in the night. Psalm 74:16.
The only way a Christian can be living in the light is after a new life in Christ Jesus.
The coming and birth of Jesus brought about light into this world as seen in Matthew 4:14-16 concerning the land of Zebulon and the Land of Naphtali, by the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, Galilee of the gentiles. It says the people sat in darkness saw a great light and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death, light is sprung up, the appearance of Jesus in Galilee brought light into this terrain.
It was the presence of Jesus in Galilee that brought Light to the people there because they were living and sitting in darkness according to the word of prophecy.
We must live in the light because we are the light of the world; Matthew 5:14-16. Our Lord and saviour Jesus called us the light of the world. We must let our light shine before the people around us so they can see our good works and glorify God who is in heaven. It is important we live and walk in the light as children of God. Acts 13:47, Ephesians 5:8 Psalm 56:13, Proverbs 4:18, Isaiah 2:5 Ephesians 5:8.
We must bear witness to the light (this light is Jesus Christ) , in john 1:6-9 we read a declaration to John the Baptist who came to bear witness to the light so that all men could believe. So we believers in Christ Jesus who are living in light must bear witness to the true light (Jesus Christ) as commanded in Acts 1:8.
We must be living in light because God Almighty is light, 1 John 1:5-7 C.F Psalm 36:9. God is light and in him you cannot find any form of darkness; therefore we must live in light because of our God in Heaven. Anyone who lives in darkness cannot see God neither will he be allowed into heaven the abode of God.

Living in light is mandatory for a believer who has a new life in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ called himself the light of the world in John 8:12, 9:5; if you want to shine in this world you need the light of Christ to shine because he is the light of the world.
It is impossible for a sinner to be living in the light because the sinner is in darkness until the day of his repentance, this light cannot be gotten by education, skill, money or fame; john 3:19,12:46.
The path of the just is like a shining light that shines more brightly unto the perfect day (proverbs 4:18), therefore I admonish you in the name of Jesus Christ, continue living in light.
Jesus is Lord and Saviour
Oyewole Ademola Ojo

Smoking addiction: physical and spiritual side to this brain addiction.

Smoking is addictive, I mean very addictive. The substance that makes smoking addictive is called nicotine, usually found in cigarettes.

Nicotine is found in tobacco and when you light up a cigarette, the nicotine from the tobacco leaf is inhaled by the smoker which goes into the bloodstream through the lungs into the brain within 10 seconds.

Study has shown that people who started smoking in their teens are more likely to be life-long smokers than those that started smoking as adults.

Nicotine addiction is increased if smoking is initiated during adolescence and teen smokers are more vulnerable to the effect of nicotine.

The addiction of the smoking behavior becomes more aggressive and powerful overtime.

Nicotine usage changes the brain functions and structure both in a positive and negative manner, which makes it difficult to separate their effects.

The positive changes of nicotine on the structure and function of the human brain includes relaxation, arousal or improved concentration while the negative effect includes impaired concentration, restlessness, anxiety, instability nervousness.

Withdrawal symptoms: this is caused when the nicotine level of the smoker falls; the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms increases as nicotine level continues to fall in the brain.

The way out of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms for the smoker is to take another stick of cigarette. This nicotine level will still begin to fall after a short period of time which now makes it a habitual cycle.

It is both the positive and negative effect of the nicotine that reinforces smoking behavior in smokers.

Smoking addiction is reinforced with every puff from a cigarette for a pack or more per day. This causes the behavior of seeking to light up a cigarette, inhale and therefore becomes entrenched to make it compulsory to smoke.

Tobacco addiction is medically defined to consist of two disorders which are nicotine dependence and nicotine withdrawals.

Nicotine dependence is the continuous use of nicotine present in tobacco despite its danger and negative effect it has on the smoker’s health. This nicotine dependence varies among its smokers.

Nicotine withdrawal is characterized with withdrawal symptoms such as poor concentration, headaches, sleep problems, anxiety, nervousness, irritability and restlessness.

“Low nicotine / tar” and light and mild cigarette are not a healthier option for smokers, these cigarette tends to make smokers even smoke more deeply inorder to meet their daily or regular nicotine dose.

Smokers who are nicotine dependent have the sense that triggers the want for more nicotine.

Dr. Volkow’s 1999 brain imaging study showed smoked nicotine’s amazingly quick arrival time, its stimulation of dopamine pathways, and how cigarette smoke diminishes MAO (a killjoy enzyme), making smoked nicotine possibly the most perfectly designed drug of addiction. Not only does nicotine stimulate dopamine release within ten seconds of a puff, suppression of MAO and normal dopamine clean-up allows it to linger far longer than a natural release, such as occurs when eating food or quenching thirst.

More recently, scientists have documented how nicotine physically alters the brain. Nicotine activates, saturates and desensitizes dopamine pathway receptors, which is followed by growth or activation of millions of extra receptors, a process known as up-regulation. One cigarette per day, then two, then three, the longer nicotine is smoked, the more receptors become saturated and desensitized, the more grown, and the more nicotine that’s needed to satisfy resulting “wanting” for replenishment.

Nicotine a mental illness; addiction to smoking: According to Dr. Nora D Volkow, director of the US National institute on drug abuse (NDA) drug addiction is a state of mental illness which is a complex brain disease characterized by compulsive, often uncontrollable drug craving, seeking and use despite devastating consequences.

Health risk of smoking: About approximately five million smokers, smoke themselves to death in a year and each puff contains close to 81 cancer causing chemicals, this makes us to say smokers are committing slow suicide unconsciously without knowing it.

Aggressive smoking can cause lung cancer and lung infections.

There is an inspitefully growing consensus among experts on the addiction that nicotine dependency is a permanent addiction like alcohol addiction.

Arresting nicotine is as hard as or even harder than quitting from the abuse or addiction of heroine.

According to Dr. Volkow, addiction is a disease where the brain changes to a state of an inability to control drug intake. Dopamine ensures long lasting memory of salient events.

Smoking is a true priority or wanting disease which makes smoker deaf to the plea of their loved ones to quit and blind to messages about it.

Smoking addiction is living a lie that nicotine defines who they are, gives them the edge, helps them cope with their daily challenges and that life without nicotine would be horrible and to quit nicotine usage would mean an endless suffering and deprived state for the rest of their life. Consciously about 70% of daily smokers want to stop.

The dependent smoker mostly faces five primary recovery hurdles.

Appreciation for where they now find themselves

Reclaiming their hijacked dopamine pathways.

Breaking and extinguishing smoking cues

Abandoning smoking rationalization

Relapse prevention.

Nicotine is a stimulant that activates the body’s fight or flight response, feeding the smoker instant energy by pumping stored fats and sugar into the blood stream.

Nicotine allows smokers to skip breakfast or lunch without experiencing low blood sugar symptoms such as feeling nervous, jittery, irritable, angry, anxious, confused, or difficult to think.

This makes it possible for heavy smoker to be light food consumers just like heavy alcohol consumers.

Opposite to the adverts of convenience stores and tobacco marketing, smokers do not smoke because of the flavour or taste, since there is no taste bud in the human lungs, neither do smoker smoke for pleasure but to satisfy a brain “wanting nicotine” disorder.

It is helpful to know that stressful situations do possibly trigger the urge to smoke a cigarette which often includes the smoking withdrawals forcing for an immediate nicotine replacements.

Once a smoker finished filling his tank up for a new supply of nicotine and had satisfied his nicotine dependence status, he was still sacked from his place of work, the negative message from the phone call did not change, the person who provoked him moved on.

Why tease yourself, will power cannot stop smoked nicotine from entering into the brain. Two recent studies, one in the US and the other in the UK, found out that unplanned attempts are twice as successful as planned ones.

Relapse Prevention: Relapse simply is the return to smoking habit after apparent recovery.

One day at a time is an empowering focus accomplishment skill.

Every changed or treated addicted smoker must watch out for this phase because it determines how long you will stay away from nicotine addiction and never go back to it.

A puff from a single stick of cigarette can cause a relapse for someone who quit smoking for about 5 years to 30 years or more, this triggers a full and complete relapse.


Oyewole Ademola Ojo




Bible Study

Topic: Kingdom of God and kingdom of Heaven: Mystery unveiled and manifested.

Scriptural References: Matthew 13:1-23; Luke 8:4-15; genesis 1:26; Genesis 2:15-17; Genesis 12; 15 Inorder to treat this topic, I will try to define what these first two keywords means; kingdom and God. Kingdom according to the Encarta  dictionary meaning; could be defined in terms of a monarch’s territory as a state of people ruled over by a king or queen; while God can be  known as the supreme being believed to be all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe, worshipped as the only God. Human race hunger to know and serve the true living God and we see that from the early days of life on earth; the devil in his deception made man know fallen gods instead of the real true God.  Many countries today except for Israel has known fallen gods from their inception and this has led God to search  for a medium to find a means to salvage this situation by sending a saviour who is in the person of his precious Son, Jesus Christ. John 3:1-18. The kingdom of God is a territory where God is the Ruler and King. In theology we need to understand that the kingdom of God includes the people that are subject to the will of God, you can only enter the kingdom of God by a new birth John 3:3;5. According to theology, Kingdom of God and kingdom of Heaven are closely related but different in meaning but could be interrelated to each other. The kingdom of God also includes the past and future. The parables are spoken of as the kingdom of heaven in the gospel according to Matthew and as kingdom of God in the gospel according to Mark and Luke. Presently the kingdom of God (on earth is kingdom of heaven) here on earth has the true and false, the good and bad; our Lord and saviour explained the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven in Matthew 13:1-53 like:

  • Seeds scattered on the ground, Matthew 13:1-23;mark 4:2-8,luke 8:4-15
  • Wheat and tares, Matthew 13:24-30;
  • Mustard seed, Matthew 13:31-32;mark 4:30-32
  • Leavened meal, Matthew 13:33;
  • Treasures both new and old, Matthew 13:52.

Kingdom of God

  • Hired labourers in the vineyard of an householder, Matthew 20:1-16
  • Marriage for the son of a king; Matthew 22:2-14
  • Ten virgins; Matthew 25:1-13
  • Talents; Matthew 25:14-30

The kingdom of God in the Old Testament covers the past, present and future; the kingdom of God is already present but not yet completed; which for the New Testament makes it present and future   In the kingdom of God you have only the good and righteous but unlike the kingdom of heaven; we have both the good and the bad; except that the bad or unrighteous shall be rooted out at the end later at the end in the case of the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of God is pronounced in both the old and the new testaments of the scriptures; in the Old Testament the kingdom of God was through covenants and in the new testament, it was through the ministry of Jesus Christ. In Genesis 1:26 where God created man in his own image and likeness and gave man dominion over the inhabitants of the earth. This prepare us that man was commanded to rule over all other creatures and God wanted to remain the only true King above man through love, trust and loyalty based on a relationship. In Heaven above, God rules in the kingdom of God and he wanted man to rule in his kingdom on earth but man lost it in the Garden of Eden to the devil trough sin and disobedience to his will and commandment not to eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil Genesis 2:15-17. This brought a search for a chosen people who would keep the commandment of God set aside by God where God will be the only king and ruler of the nation and this began through Abraham with a promise in Genesis 12; verses 2-3 gives the full expression of the promises to Abram (Abraham) and converted into a covenant later in Genesis 15. After the manifestation of the promises and covenant of God to Abraham, this was sealed with the Law of Moses at Mount Sinai which made the children of Israel rightly connected and belonged to God. Sadly the people of God (Israel) failed to do the will and commandment of God (known as Jehovah to the Jews) and the people of Israel through the books of judges did what seems right in their eyes but God still reigned over them as king. (Judges 17:6) The search for a king after the heart of God began in Israel after rejecting the kingship of God and wanted to be like neighboring nations who had kings {1 Samuel 8}, God found Saul but he failed God because of disobedience and greed {1 Samuel 15} and was replaced by David whose heart was the man after God’s heart; later God made a covenant with David which is known as the Davidic covenant as seen in {2 Samuel 7; 12-19}. The Davidic covenant was made inorder to bring the people of God back to him and all the nations and this was fulfilled in Jesus. The complete revelation of the kingdom of God was manifested by God through Jesus Christ; the kingdom of God was initiated in the incarnation, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus. and we see tangible reasons from prophecies and fulfillment; heralding of the birth of a king Isaiah 7:14-16 and fulfilled in Luke 1:30-33; the work of John the Baptist who prepared the way for the kingdom of God as read in Matthew 3: 2; the death of the king of the Jews crucified on the tree mark 15:26. The kingdom of God today can be looked for and entered by people, when the kingdom of God has been fully completed then hardship and suffering by the believers will cease but for now God’s people will still have to undergo suffering and tribulations before the full realization of the kingdom of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ preached about the kingdom of God, his ministry gave us an insight into God’s sovereign rule in the end times of the world. Matthew 6:33.mark 1:14, 15, Luke 4:43; 8:1; 9:2;     We see several places where Jesus and the apostles preached or talked about the kingdom of God in the New Testament (KJV).

  1. Matthew 6:33
  2. Matthew 12:28; Matthew 19:24
  • Matthew 21:31,43
  1. Mark 1:14-15
  2. Mark 4:11-30
  3. Mark 9:1,47
  • Mark 10:14-25
  • Luke 4:43,luke 6:20,7:28,8:1-10, 9:2 ,11 ,27 ,60 ,62, 10:9, 11, 20; 11:20; 12:31; 13:18 ,20 ,28 ,29; 14:15; 16:16 ;17:20 ;21 ;18:16 ;17, 24, 25, 29; 19:11 ;21:31 ;22:16 ,18; 23:51
  1. John 3:3,5; acts 1:3,8:12,14:22,19:8;20:25;28:23,31
  2. Romans 14:17,1 Corinthians 4:20;6:9,10;15:50
  3. Galatians 5:21; Ephesians 5:5,Colossians 4:11;2 Thessalonians 1:5

The kingdom of heaven tells us of establishing the kingdom of God upon the earth and a time is coming when the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Heaven will become one (future). Restricted Entry: the kingdom of heaven is described as a place of entry only for the righteous and just people, most especially the people that do the will of our father in Heaven and also bear good fruits for the Lord. Matthew 5:20, 7:21. 8:11; Luke 13:28; Galatians 5:21; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; 15:50. Most importantly our Lord and Saviour Jesus gave us a secret for entry which is, you must be converted and become like little children before you can enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3; Matthew 19:14; C.f Mark 10:14, 15; Matthew 23:13; Luke 18:16-17; Mystery unfolded: the kingdom of heaven contained some mysteries which no man could have known except for Jesus  Christ who first interpreted and unfolded them to the disciples and later to us the church so that we would not miss the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 13:11, Matthew 21:43 mark 4:11; Luke 12:31; Future Realization: In Matthew 11:12, our Lord Jesus preached that the kingdom of heaven was at hand which mean literally that the kingdom of heaven will soon be here or is near.  C.f. Matthew 3:2; Matthew 4:17; 10:7. Mark 9:1; Luke 16:16. An era is coming according to the Lord Jesus Christ that the kingdom of God shall be within us and not to be search about like something that is missing. Luke 17:20-21. Inheritance and destination: The kingdom of heaven is also a place for the poor in spirit; this means those who depend on God alone will have their part in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3, Luke 6:20; we also see that the kingdom of heaven is a place for abode for people who were persecuted for righteousness sake and this includes those who were killed for the sake of the gospel (martyrs of the gospel) Matthew 5:10; Luke 18:29-30; Ranks and file: In the kingdom of Heaven, there will be positions based on how you obeyed and taught the commandments of God to people; Matthew 5:19.11:11; 18:1. . The greatest in the kingdom of heaven is the person who humbles himself as a little child Matthew 18:4 Apostle Paul likened the kingdom of God to righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, Romans 14:17; he spoke boldly concerning the kingdom of God.; acts 19:4, Acts 20:25,28:23,31;1 Corinthians 4:20; Our lord Jesus before his ascension to heaven as documented by Apostle Luke in Acts 1:1-3, he spoke to his disciples about the kingdom of God for about forty days by many indisputable proofs. The kingdom of God was manifested in the commissioning of the church by the calling of the disciples by Jesus Christ based on his kingship authority as seen in Matthew 28:18; Acts 8:12 The Most important about the entry of the kingdom of God is stated in Acts 14:22; fearful to behold and comprehend, this makes us understand what the Christians before us endured before they finished their race through much trials, persecutions and tribulation.

References Encarta 2009 dictionary Life of Christ handout: Emmaus Theological College Olodo, Ibadan page 30 Holman Illustrated Bible dictionary (completely revised, updated and expanded) pages 987-989

Oyewole Ademola Ojo


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Eternity: A Rethink!   (Article)

Text: Matthew 16:26, Mark 8:36, Genesis 3:19, Daniel 12:2

Every human on earth that has a beginning and an end but the spirit part of any human does not die but lives forever. Ecclesiastes 6:12, James 4:14, Genesis 3:19.

The real you is your spirit man, the physical man is the container used to relate with this world and its inhabitants. Daniel 12:2

Now today you hear that Jesus is the person who will give you assurance of eternity with God and you keep procrastinating your day of salvation.

Tomorrow might be too late and you might not get a second chance to make amendments.

Don’t forget if you don’t get to see rapture then earthly death will become the rapture you experience.

There are two types of homes for a soul; heaven with Christ and hell with the devil and its fallen angels.

Every action and reaction on earth determines where you and I will spend eternity,

Once you have been born and you have come to the age of the knowledge of good and evil then judgment awaits you when you die.

The judge is Jesus Christ because we shall give account before Him (Jesus Christ is God the Son and Word) and unlike the earthly judge can be bribed but the heavenly judge cannot be bribed neither is He a respecter of persons. Acts 17:30

I advice all my brethren in Christ, if you attend a church where prosperity and miracles is the only gospel and sermon made known to you, I think it’s time to change church to where you hear and see the message of salvation, holiness and eternity preached and sang  to your soul on a daily basis.

The world has entered the church today and the church behaves like the world even much worse than the world today.

You can’t shy away from the fact that we live in this world but we are not of this world. So if you find it hard to stay away from ear-rings, attachment, threads, gold and silver ornaments, naked-dresses, makeup of the world, sinful acts then don’t expect to partake or have a home in heaven because heaven is a place of holiness and nothing unholy will enter there, no matter how little it is.

* imagine if God was to allow attachment in heaven, when a lady dies and enter heaven she will tell God, am not beautiful enough let me add attachment to my hair or let me perm it to look more attractive.

* imagine if people have gold and silver ornaments in heaven, then maybe you see people with gold cross, earrings and bangles in heaven. So if you think you can’t use such make-ups in heaven then you don’t need it in earth.

* Imagine if God was to allow thieves into heaven then crowns of other saints will go missing.

*imagine if God was to allow racist into heaven then you will not want to sit or stand near a person from another race or tribe or nation.

* imagine if God was to allow unforgiveness into heaven then it means you will fight if you see someone who offended you on earth in heaven.

* imagine if God was to allow skimpy wears and revealing clothes in heaven then people will want to wear short gowns in heaven.

According to the bible we are advised to avoid anything that will make us miss eternity in Heaven.

Many ignorantly are on the way to hell because of the will to please their flesh and earthly bodies.

No matter the quantity of anti-aging cream you use to stay young, it does not stop you from not aging in skin and it does not mean you won’t die.

Heaven is a holy place that was made for you and me to rest from our sojourn on earth.

Hell is a place made for the devil and its fallen angels but men also will go there if they die as enemies of God.

Jesus is the only assurance of your place of eternity in heaven and no one else can guarantee you a good life after earth.

A good example of eternity is when you take a small boy to the Atlantic Ocean and you give him a small spoon (teaspoon) to empty the water of the ocean; the time it takes the small boy to empty the water of the ocean is the time eternity has just started.

If you feel that having a husband, wife or children, job degree, house, governor, minister and any other earthly position  is more important than eternity  then it’s time to have a rethink.

Don’t allow anything in this present world, not even your parents prevent you from making it to heaven because that is the reason for full eternity regrets.

Eternity is real, don’t be ignorant today!!!!!

Jesus Christ is Lord and He is coming soon!!!!

Jesus is Lord and Saviour

Oyewole Ademola Ojo

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Topic: I will give you rest

Text: Matthew 11:28-30, John 14:1,27 I – single unit Will – the capacity of conscious choice and decision and intention. Give-meaning offer in good faith or manifest or show or to supply organize or be responsible for. Rest- freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility) or a support on which things can be put on. The topic comes with several questions: 1.Who wants to give you rest 2. Is he willing to do so? 3. Can he give you and does he have the power to do so? 4. Who is the beneficiary? 5. What kind of rest is he willing to give you? Answer to this questions: 1. Jesus wants to give you rest Matthew 1:21-25 2. Yes, he is willing and wants to give you rest. 3. Yes he can give you rest and he has power to give you rest. Matthew 28:18,Colossians 2:9-10,phillippians 2:9-11 4. The beneficiary of this rest is you, whenever you are ready to surrender to him. 5. Rest in all areas of your life and finally eternal rest meaning a place in heaven when you have finished your work on earth. Let’s look at examples of rest Jesus can give from the scriptures. 1. The first thing Jesus wants to give you rest from is Sin: SIN : Matthew 1:21,romans 3:23,6:22-23 revelation 1:5 Jesus came to die for the sin of you and I so we might not be controlled by sin but we might be free from sin. Galatians 1:4,1 john 2:1-2,Isaiah 1:18,1 peter 1:19-23,acts 2:38,acts 22:16,acts 26:18,Galatians 1:4,Ephesians 1:7,1 john 7-10,1 john:3-5, Bible case-study: Matthew 9:1-7, mark 2:4-12, story of the man sick of palsy Jesus told him to pick up his bed and his sins were forgiven. Luke 5:18-26, acts 3:26, acts 5:31. Romans 3:23 all have sinned, romans 6:23 wages of sin is death Revelations 1:5 Jesus washed us from our sins 1 john 2:2 Jesus the propitiation of our sins. Galatians 1:4 Jesus gave up himself for our sins Isaiah 1:18 sins washed white as snow 1 peter 1:19-23 Jesus lamb without blemish

2. Failure: Jesus Christ has come to give us rest from failure. The first Adam failed and brought hardship on mankind but Jesus came to give rest from failure and hardship Genesis 3, failure is not because you have not tried but because you don’t have the capacity, wisdom to succeed. Failure brings sorrow,anger,hatred,envy,worries Biblical case-study: Luke 5:1-9 story of when Simon peter could not catch fish all through the night. 1 Corinthians 15:50.

3. Insanity: many people are mad but are walking on the roads and living with normal people because the enemy has stolen their brains, knowledge from them. That’s why any little touch, they flare up in anger and say profane words without being provoked. Biblical case-study: mark 5:1-16=Luke 8:26 madman of gadarene who lived in the tomb. The same madman became an evangelist Luke 8:39, mark 5:19-20. Another case is Luke 9:38-43 a man whose only child was torn and foamed in the mouth because a spirit tormented him but Jesus delivered him.

4. Sickness: sickness was not part of the plan of God from the beginning but sin and iniquity brought sickness and diseases upon mankind. Biblical case study: Matthew 8:1-4 = mark 1:40-45, a man with leprosy who Jesus healed and was made clean. Mark 5:22-23 Jarius daughter healed at the point of death 1 peter 2:24 – by his stripes we are healed, Isaiah 53:5. Matthew 8:5-13 a man whose servant was sick of palsy and grievously tormented Mark 1:23-27 – Jesus delivered a man of an unclean spirit Matthew 8:14-15 – Jesus healed peter’s mother of fever Matthew 9:20-22 =mark 5:25-34 – woman with the issue of blood Matthew 9:28-31 – blind men received their sight. Matthew 9:32-33 – Jesus healed a dumb man possessed by the devil.

5. Death: Jesus ultimately came to break the power of death over mankind both the natural death and spiritual death. Romans 5:18-21, john 3:15-16, psalm 51:1-5. Jesus overcame death to give us victory to long-life and fulfillment. John 8:51 if you keep the saying of Christ you will not see death (hell) John 11:1-44 Lazarus rescued from the grave Acts 2:24 impossible that Jesus will be held by the power of death Sin brought death to mankind but Jesus came to deliver us by grace to eternal life. Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Romans 6:23 for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ Romans 7:24-25 o wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from the body of this death. 1 Corinthians 15:55 o death where is thy sting? O graves where is thy victory? Ezekiel 18:20 the soul that shinneth shall die.

6. Worries: one of the greatest fear of man is worry; it is rounded up in the fact that man does not know the future. Worries can be known as unnecessary anxiety and it causes doubt. 1 peter 5:7 says casting all your care upon him, he careth for you. Matthew 6:25-34 talks about worries and deep thoughts. Jesus also came to deliver you from evil thoughts. Genesis 6:5 and God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. Psalm 94:11 the Lord knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity. Psalm 139:23 search me o God, and know my heart, try me and know my thoughts. Proverbs 12:5 the thoughts of the righteous are right but the counsels of the wicked are deceit Proverbs 15:26 the thoughts of the wicked are an abomination to the Lord, but words of the pure are pleasant words. Proverbs 16:3 commit thy works unto the lord and thy thoughts shall be established 2 Corinthians 10:5 casting down imaginations and everything that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God. The truth is that you cannot enjoy this rest if you do not give your life to Christ Jesus. When you surrender to Jesus you are assured of rest and victory here on earth and outside the earth (in heaven). Hebrews 4:1-11 talks about the rest prepared for us but some lost it to unbelief. John 20:31 but these are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that believing ye might have life through his name. John 14:6 Jesus said, I am the way, truth and life no man cometh unto the Father but by me.

Oyewole Ademola Ojo

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