Hour of retribution on Persian spirits of my life

Hour of retribution on Persian spirits of my life
I had a revelation in a dream on saturday morning at about 1:45am,I saw a man shattered and in tattered clothes,I saw that God gave him a blessing and answer to his prayers but immediately a person like a foul spirit,commanded him to handover the blessing and answered prayer given to him,this man in tattered clothes surrendered it to this foul spirit without protesting and walked away. I then got mad and angry and began to shout at the man in tattered clothes that he should go and collect back what the enemy collected from him because I was furious and angry but he did not bother to listen to me nor hear me,he looked powerless and helpless,then I woke up.
We are going on a 3days fast for everyone on my network from Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th of July 2017.
We are calling for the judgement of God on every power and forces that has robbed us of our testimony.
Prayer points
Text:Daniel 10,Matthew 11:12
1. Powers that have rendered me helpless and hopeless with frustration,enough is enough be destroyed now in Jesus name,amen.
2. Every power that has made my life look like someone suffering and without hope,be destroyed now,in Jesus name amen.
3. Foul spirit robbing me of my blessing and answers to my prayers,hand them over to me now and perish forever,in Jesus name,amen.
4. Monitoring spirits of my Father and mothers house,authorizing the collection and detention of my blessings and glory,what are you waiting for,expire and vanish now in Jesus name,amen.
5. Powers and forces that wants to make me end this year without a testimony,terminate yourself now,in Jesus name,amen.
6. Jesus Christ,commander of the army of Heaven,go in battle against every power that have put me in shameful positions, destroy them forever,in Jesus name,amen.
7. Evil covenants and debts crying against me and forcing me to lose my blessings to the devil and powers of darkness,Blood of Jesus make atonement and set me free now,in Jesus name,Amen.
8. Every evil eye chasing my life partner and taking the best people from me and making me helpless to fight back,be blinded and destroyed now,in Jesus name,amen.
9. Thank you Lord because you have given me victory and my testimony shall come with a divine encounter,in Jesus name,amen.
Note:fasting is according to your capacity and level of need of this prayer tablet.
Jesus is Lord and Saviour
Oyewole Ademola Ojo
Whatsapp New:+2348098233605,
Whatsapp group: divine restoration
Facebook: Strongbone Ademola
Ibadan,Oyo State. Nigeria.


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