Scars of life:Jesus Christ the scar remover of life

Scars of life:Jesus Christ the scar remover of life
The scars of life are the scars the past has left on your life in your heart that is very difficult to forget.Jeremiah 30:17
Scars of life are what makes unforgettable experiences in life become a stigma on the soul. Isaiah 43:18-19
Thanks be to God who has given us a second chance to life and has made a way of healing for anyone who comes to him through his Son Jesus Christ.Matthew 11:28.
Notwithstanding, even Christians are burdened with the scars of life borne on their heart even after being born again,this scars are left sometimes with injuries because we fail to do two things which is forgive ourselves and others involved and secondly move on with our lives.
The scars that life gives you has its ultimate purpose to destroy you and appear hopeless before your fellow mankind sometimes leading to taking your life untimely(suicide).
I pray for you that every tree planted in your life bearing fruits of sorrow,scars,shame and guilt shall be rooted up,now,in Jesus name,Amen. Matthew 15:13.
Remember there is no scar too thick and strong for God to heal and erase. Exodus 15:26,genesis 18:14,Jeremiah 32:27.
He just wants you to come to him,with your scars and believe He has the power to heal your wounds and finally give you rest.psalm 147:3.
The gospel is the message of peace and love to sinners and the elect then all the scars on your past like shall be erased by the blood of Jesus.
There are some scars on your life that has left printable marks on your physically on your body,that even doctors cannot remove or clean,I know someone who rewrites stories and gives numerous second-chances:His name is Jesus Christ,the master scar removal.
He has the power to make all things new,all he demands is your heart and faith that he is God and can do all things.
I read a touching story of a pastor in Kenya who was raped on her wedding day,stabbing and doctors gave verdict that she could not have children because her womb was damaged,she lost her husband few months after her wedding due to suffocation and she was labeled as a cursed woman and questioned life and why God allowed it to happen…. To cut the long story..short she is remarried happily now with two children…she made a statement I want everyone to know that she forgave her rapist and decided to move on with her life…it takes grace to take these bold steps.
It is human to err and divine to forgive,if you don’t forgive when you are alive,you cannot make it to heaven,heaven is a place where no form of unrighteousness is found,whether little or great.
Is it your Ex that has placed a scar on you,your step parent,your children,your uncles,rapist,employer or even an accident,attack or explosion. You just forgive everyone involved and think about how to make your life useful to God and the earth this once you have come.Hebrews 12:14,revelation 21:27,Matthew 6:15.
You are a survivor and your testimony would give hope to others in similar situations.
Let your life connect the dots in peoples life for freedom and hope so by that you have won people to God through your testimony.
Remember no matter what happens to you; you remain eternally precious and cherished by God no matter the scars life might want to put on you.psalm 126:6,Isaiah 43:4.
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Jesus is Lord and Saviour
Oyewole Ademola Ojo
Whatsapp New:+2348098233605,
Whatsapp group: divine restoration
Facebook: Strongbone Ademola
Ibadan,Oyo State. Nigeria.


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